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[challenge entry] :(
I fixed my neck problem :D

EDIT: I am totally against editing posts

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(, Tue 6 Jul 2010, 0:40, archived)
# Graceful, rolling strides there.
(, Tue 6 Jul 2010, 0:45, archived)
# Ooo, that works well
(, Tue 6 Jul 2010, 0:56, archived)
# I'm pleased
Earlier, I tried reversing the order of the vertically flipped 'rear' neck, and they were still annoyingly in sync. I finally realized that I had to move the middle frames to the ends and the end frames to the middle to get them the way they are up there.

Now I realize that I should reverse the order on the rear neck because I want that sudden lurch forward to be the same front and back

...BUT I'M DONE WITH IT NOW ...REALLY! I don't have to work on it anymore :P
(, Tue 6 Jul 2010, 1:06, archived)
# This is why animating any more than two frames makes me cry.
Good job, there.
(, Tue 6 Jul 2010, 2:19, archived)
# this is grand
(, Tue 6 Jul 2010, 1:30, archived)