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# Olympics or ...
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 19:00, archived)
# I shall boycott the olympics in protest.
I might not have a ticket, but that's not the point dammit!
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 19:07, archived)
# Olympic rant time:
Bastards. There is a school local to me that caters for kids with 'problems'. Instead of kicking in bus shelters for the last few months they have been making pictures and dioramas in celebration of the Olympics. Some of them are really good and the kids are very proud.
The headmaster called me and asked if we could put them on public display for a while. I had heard the rumours so contacted the Olympic committee to check.
It doesn't matter that we are a registered charity. It doesn't matter that it is a special needs school.
We are NOT allowed to host the display unless we meet certain registration criteria and pay a hefty fee.
So as far as I'm concerned they can stick their synchronised swimming up their arses.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 19:30, archived)
# What absolute twats.
So even though no-one stands to make any money out of this display, you still have to give money to McLympics?
I knew they were all shits, but ffs.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 19:33, archived)
# We don't even
charge admission. So, yes, all we'd end up with is a few proud parents, a few kids with a sense of achievement they rarely get and the community perhaps spared some broken glass and graffiti.
True, we might get some pounds in the donations jar that I use to buy my Ferraris, so I suppose it is justified.
I didn't ask the OC how much it was, I just told them to poke it on principal.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 19:51, archived)
# Go ahead and do it without permission
Then when the Olympics lawyers write threatening letters, go to the tabloids. "Special needs school and charity told : ditch your free exhibition or we'll sue". Tabloids love that kind of shit.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:09, archived)
# It is tempting
but the tabloids are not tame and you can end up anywhere doing that.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:16, archived)
# yeah, that unfortunately has timebomb written all over it to be honest
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:17, archived)
# As much as I hate the Tabloids
This is a worryingly valid idea.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:16, archived)
# ^This^
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:17, archived)
# this
there won' t any threatening letters. if there is, take down the display.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:10, archived)
# Unfortunately
I cannot run the place on ifs and maybes. I need to produce leaflets and timetables. I try very hard to be professional, so if i say there is an Olympic display, then there is one when someone turns up to see it, not a display of flower arranging and an apology.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:29, archived)
# bastards
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 19:45, archived)
# Yet another reason... add to a very long list of reasons for me to despise the Olympics. What repellent moneygrubbing vainglorious coldhearted parastical cunts. You should publicise this big time and embarrass the fuck out of the turds.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 19:48, archived)
# I did try to take it higher; this is what I received back:
I spoke today to a representative of London 2012 Olympics about your
displaying the Olympic Rings-0845 2672012. I explained your role and
the fact that you were merely going to display work done by school
children. He was adamant that the rings could not be included. They
can only be displayed etc. by "commissioned bodies". He was reading
from a list of prepared questions and answers and said this question
is frequently put to them.

I am sure this will be a blow to the two schools involved. Can they
somehow omit them or cover them up? I would be willing to speak to
whoever if you wish.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:10, archived)
# How about...
...displaying the pictures but covering the Olympic Rings where they appear - as suggested by the Locog apparatchik - with stickers reading LOCOG ARE CUNTS? Or LOGOG = 'picture-of-classic-pink-b3ta-cock'? Or simply CENSORED DUE TO LOCOG DEMAND FOR FEES? I can't get over how despicable they are, every fucking day produces yet another example of how morally bankrupt and obscene these Games are.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:36, archived)
# one correction
it's IOC not lococks
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:17, archived)
# Tempting
but my visitors aren't the political type, and I think the message would be wasted. We try to cater for everyone but it is mainly schools, old ladies and grand old chaps with real medals. (not ones for running fast)
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:20, archived)
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:27, archived)
# Fair point
well made.
But I don't half meet some characters. Some, admittitedly, like Rimmer.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:40, archived)
# I was in no way trying to take anything away from your good old boys with medals.
It just popped into my head and insisted I post it.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:45, archived)
# I didn't take it
that way at all :)
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:53, archived)
# The Olympics is a fucking corporate mutual masturbation festival.
Personally, I'm done with it.

Sorry about your situation
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 19:52, archived)
# The olympics stopped being about sport a long time ago.
It's only now that the commercialism of the whole thing shows through the cracks to such a degree.

And isn't it ironic that one of the main sponsors of an event based around health and fitness, is McDonald's?
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 19:55, archived)
# We should set up our own olympics.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:04, archived)
# Ours would have all the great sports the 'lympics doesn't.
Like competitive drinking, or Street Fighter 2.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:10, archived)
# The 100m faceplant
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:18, archived)
# Not to mention the Crywanking Championships.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:33, archived)
# let's not forget power flouncing.
some folk can only do it once and burn out, some can fucking flounce HARD and often! They are truly Flouncemasters.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:41, archived)
# Gold to Japan then.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:51, archived)
# :D
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:57, archived)
# It depends. If we unlock the seventh seal and perform the Infernal Ritual and sacrifice a white stag at a crossoads during midnight on a moonless night...
... we might be able to summon up Bou.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:14, archived)
# Oh fuck, what have I said?
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:16, archived)
# I hear... demonic singing
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:34, archived)
# The new blood do not fear Bou. They have forgotten the old magicks.
Their Saccharine-Flounce God Moggy has their hearts now.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:36, archived)
# Alas, death will only be their FIRST destination this evening.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:46, archived)
# I can smell that podium now...
...smells like my room.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:41, archived)
# with blackjack, and hookers
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:38, archived)
# Oh fuck yeah.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:15, archived)
# everything's improved by blackjack and hookers
except perhaps blackjack
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 22:02, archived)
# It's their proprietary right, stop being such a jerk
the spastics can rename their shit after the commonwealth games, bet that licence fee is far cheaper. You need to be more of an objective thinker
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:02, archived)
# The person you contacted is wrong
unless there's something important missing from your story.
Their FAQ is clear on this:
School project? check
Non commercial? check

Go ahead and display, forget who you talked to.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:07, archived)
# The difference is
a school project is not normally open to the public, as we are, even though we are not commercial.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:13, archived)
# is there an entry fee?
no? then it's fine.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:41, archived)
# See No.19
We, as a charity, are naturally fund raisers.
"Nor can the protected marks be used for fund raising purposes"

As we ask people to come and see the exhibition then ask for donations, we fall into this. That is what they told me.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:59, archived)
# tried to reply twice here but it's not posted
too much to type on phone thrice, amounted to interpret faq as you like and then just do it!
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:19, archived)
# ^
i'd add, why not explicitly ask people not to donate "because otherwise our partners on the london olympics organising committee will sue us", and add a second advert for, i don't know, an exhibition of "non-olympic art" in a back room, which turns out to be a picture of a girl with blonde hair, a rude penguin, and a discreet donations box?
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:59, archived)
# While the Trustees
are vaugely aware of my 'art', I'm not sure they like it. I tell a lie, I know they don't, unless 'That's nice Dear' counts as critical acclaim.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 22:20, archived)
# Sink them in the fucking sea.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:18, archived)
# Wankers.
There is no other private brand which is supported in this way.

Either it is a public event, in which case this shite stops, or it is not, in which case security is funded by the Games, not by us.

Fucking shite.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:28, archived)
# go full outrage on them
seriously, go straight to the press with this
fuck all this torch carrying headline shit
show them up for the shitbags they are
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:37, archived)
# Much as I would like to
I have enough trouble running the charity as it is, without making enemies or deals with the Devil (tabloids).
Although I have a big gob sometimes, I generally don't pick fights.
Especially ones I might lose.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:49, archived)
# Just keep telling them it's about the children, the poor, heartbroken children :'(
The extra publicity wouldn't hurt, either.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:32, archived)
# i agree
lets have some good old public outrage.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:20, archived)
# You're the mod toasty, can't you nawty step the Olympics or something?
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:34, archived)
# so it's chips then?
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:02, archived)
# Bastards
i nearly choked on my 15 fish and chips.

can you not call it a jubilee sports event to celebrate the Queen?
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:21, archived)
# Bureaucratic stupidity
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 22:49, archived)
without a doubt.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:00, archived)
# Logical solution : Serve portions of chips as usual
But enclose a tiny, separately-wrapped, deep-fried fragment of fish.

Reminds me a little of this :
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:15, archived)
# alas chips plus "fragment" of fish
is how most places seem to serve fish and chips these days
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:18, archived)
# This^^
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 20:55, archived)
# exactly
last three olympics no chips at all. Lococks got special permission to have fish and chips
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:21, archived)
# Did also hear through a related discussion on this point...
That since UPS are the Olympic Carrier of Choice, that any providers within the Olympic sphere have to pay a surcharge of up to 25 if they want their packages to be delivered by their usual carrier.

Putting the fun in fun and games.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:25, archived)
# Hold on a fucking minute
McDonalds serves fries, not chips
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:25, archived)
# Shhhh...
Otherwise they'll ban anything fried.
(, Wed 11 Jul 2012, 21:33, archived)