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# Why
thank you

Bloody hell, even newbies have seen 'em!
(, Wed 18 Dec 2002, 21:44, archived)
# Well, you did
post the link to them just last week... That's about as far as I got while trawling the archives in my self-imposed "Learn B3ta in 48 hours" crash-course.

Last week, I mean, not seeing your norks...
(, Wed 18 Dec 2002, 21:50, archived)
# Sadly not setting a precedent
apart from the delectable Vixta of course.
(, Wed 18 Dec 2002, 21:57, archived)
# I voted for my
norks int eh b3ta awards! The background was photoshopped
(, Wed 18 Dec 2002, 22:03, archived)