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# The mid-1940's Baldwin Centipede
struggled, floundered, and failed to become the first successful all-terrain locomotive
(, Sun 22 Jul, 12:29, More)
[challenge entry] He stealthily slips it in
(, Sun 22 Jul, 1:02, More)
[challenge entry] Careless Wispas
(, Sun 22 Jul, 3:26, More)
[challenge entry] latest R&D from the factory
(, Sat 21 Jul, 23:05, More)
[challenge entry] Books are sweet
(, Sat 21 Jul, 21:20, More)
[challenge entry] :)
(, Sat 21 Jul, 14:08, More)
# Sorry we missed you!
(, Sat 21 Jul, 14:35, More)
[challenge entry] First post, please excuse my awful drawing skills
The tories are looking a bit wobbly, their front bench has gone to jelly
(, Sat 21 Jul, 13:10, More)
# Bet they leave a bitter, unnatural taste in the mouth
(, Sat 21 Jul, 13:19, More)
# Apple Pie Crater
The best preserved apple pie impact site on Earth. Located just minutes from Interstate 40 and the old Route 66 in Northern Arizona
near Winslow, Pie Crater is the mouth-watering result of a collision between a gigantic apple pie traveling 26,000 miles per hour and
planet Earth approximately 50,000 years ago.

(, Sat 21 Jul, 12:23, More)
[challenge entry] Quick pun to start
(, Sat 21 Jul, 10:43, More)
[challenge entry] where is room 237?
(, Fri 20 Jul, 17:21, More)
Did someone say "in the good old days?"
(, Fri 20 Jul, 13:11, More)
[challenge entry] Bunt

(, Fri 20 Jul, 11:08, More)
[challenge entry] don't recognize the sailor--maybe I've bad eyes
EDIT: ah yes--from The Last Detail. Here he is just for you
(, Fri 20 Jul, 7:34, More)
# I still think of myself as being quite new around these parts
but then I see some ancient fucker, and realise that I'm even older than them.

This is also true on
(, Thu 19 Jul, 23:25, More)
# Crap again.
(, Fri 20 Jul, 10:17, More)
# There can't be many wooden websites left these days, it's about time b3ta was given world heritage status
(, Fri 20 Jul, 7:06, More)
[challenge entry]
(, Wed 18 Jul, 20:09, More)
(, Fri 20 Jul, 17:30, More)

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