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replace an instrument

Replace an instrument

Grab a picture of a musician, remove their musical instrument and replace it with anything that tickles you. See the entries »



It's been 12 years since the last Ronseal challenge so we're doing another one. Toilet Duck. Fairy Liquid. Ginger Nuts. Fishermen's Friends. None of them do what they say on the tin... but what if all products actually did? Show us that world... again See the entries »



Take a sportsman and a connected familiar phrase or thing and blend them together to make a Sportmanteau. Like Usain Bolt Cutters, Andy Murray Mints or Frank Bruno Brookes. It's Sportmanteaus! See the entries »

animal halloween

Animal Halloween

Halloween is almost upon us, but why should humans be the only ones enjoying scary movies, dressing up as ghouls and stuffing ourselves with sweets? Lets give the animal kingdom the full Halloween treatment. See the entries »



One word challenge - Buttons See the entries »

monster films

Monster Films

There's never enough monster movies, so lets make all the normal films feature classic creatures from horror cinema. Show us Dracula getting his teeth in to Rambo:First Blood, photoshop a poster for "And Godzilla Created Woman" and make us weep with The Diary of Anne Frankenstein. See the entries »

merge music

Merge Music

Pick some singers or bands with a matching part of their name and photoshop them together. What would Frank Sinitta or the Chemical Bros look like and what music delights would they produce? See the entries »

film sequels

Film Sequels

Unbelievably we've never actually done a film sequels challenge. So this is it! Give us your "Schindler's Other List", your "12 Angry Men And A Baby" and your "Return of the Jedi Returns" See the entries »

pop adverts

Pop Adverts

Pop songs and singers are always being signed up for adverts, but there are loads of opportunities that have been missed. Where's Sinitta's "So Paxo", John Lydon's "Anchory in the UK" or George Michael's "Careless Wispa"? Combine songs and products in ways that make us laugh and which inevitably become real when the ad agencies read this. See the entries »

typo websites

Typo Websites

We're clumsily typing urls and seeing what lols we get this week. Misspell your favourite websites and photoshop the imagined results. Show us what b4ta, Feddit, and Yapoo might look like (actually skip that last one). See the entries »

signs of the apocalypse

Signs of the apocalypse

What are the signs of the apocalypse? Global warming, political unrest, sure.. but what about the actual signs we'll be seeing on our highstreet, the adverts, the road markings and the buy one get one free on survival gear posters. Show us how the apocalypse (or Brexit) will be signposted in all its forms. See the entries »

wrong plurals - films

Wrong Plurals - Films

We're putting the wrong plurals on films this week, change multiples to singles and vice versa. So give us your Jaw, your Schindler's Lists and your Alfred Hitchcock's The Bird See the entries »

british computer games

British Computer games

We're making British Computer Games this week. Reskin and mod your favourite games to have a UK theme. Show us your Black Cab Crazy Taxis and Sonic the squashed hedgehogs. See the entries »

remove a letter from lps

Remove a letter from LPs

Pick a favourite album and remove a letter so it makes you lol. Easy! See the entries »

letter change companies

Letter Change Companies

We're playing with company logos and names again this week. See what you can come up with by just changing/adding/removing one letter. See the entries »



It's holiday time, so what better theme for a one word challenge. Show us your b3ta infused holiday thoughts, paddling in the sea, sitting in traffic jams, nursing sunburn and building overly elaborate sandcastles. See the entries »



We're combining films again! Match the last word of one film to the first word of another to make a whole new movie. e.g. A Hard days NIGHT of the living dead, Toy STORY of O, The Running MANon des Source. Got it? Go! See the entries »



One word challenge - Sweets! Or Candy if you're American See the entries »

the shining

The Shining

We're taking a summer break to the Overlook Hotel and checking in to room 237. Should be good to get away from it all, maybe we can finish off that book we've been trying to write. Why not join us, pack your bags and remember your axe for a week of The Shining. See the entries »

protest trump

Protest Trump

It's time, Trump is visiting the UK on Friday the 13th so we'd better start work on our protest posters, art installations and two fingered salutes. Fire up photoshop and show us the best way to Protest Trump. See the entries »

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