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This is a normal post Righto.
I suppose it's okay if you like lots of action and dragons and Emilia Clarke's complete dogshit acting abilities. But it has the intellectual depth of an episode of Celebrity Big Brother these days.
As soon as the television series got ahead of the novels and the writers started writing it for the fans instead of an adaptation of the existing books, it's gone downhill rapidly.
From the get-go, there weren't really enough episodes in a season to do the various character and story arcs justice. But with the introduction of completely disposable and irrelevant characters (Brienne, Gilly and her stupid baby, Podrick, The Spice Girls Sand Snakes, and dare I say, Arya amongst others), the amount of completely unnecessary bloat has left even less screen time for meaningful character and plot development.
Add to this the clearly hurried attempts by the screenwriters to stitch the story together in the remaining 13 episodes of seasons 7 & 8 including Jon Snow and the Spoopy Gang's apparent use of wormholes to traverse thousands of miles on foot in a couple of days and you're left with complete popcorn please-the-masses disposable soap opera.

I suppose it still makes for better than average Saturday night television, but it's a far cry from what it was achieving in it's first few seasons. I assume, mainly because the majority are more impressed with big fucking dragons than story.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 10:09, Reply)
This is a normal post I'm not quite as down on it as you are
But season 8 7 was predictable fanservice garbage in comparison to the previous seasons. Instead of characters making rational decisions based on their established motivations, they were doing utterly stupid things in service of getting plot device A to position B to set up the ending.

Also we've gone from a position where anyone could be offed at any time to characters cheating apparent doom in the most preposterous ways because they're needed for the finale.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 11:11, Reply)
This is a normal post Yep, it's shallow, rushed nonsense now.
If the earlier seasons were lovely home cooked Christmas dinners, season 7 was a Happy Meal.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 11:14, Reply)
This is a normal post Yeah, the TV show was doing alright but they're fluffing it a bit now .I can't wait to get back to the books.
There was a little musical they staged in the TV show with Kevin Eldon frolicking about recapping the story of the last 5 series. That musical is what the TV show is to the books in my opinion.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 11:40, Reply)
This is a normal post It's a show about murder, intrigue, combat, fucking, dragons, incest, eunuchs, dwarfs and arseholes
...and you enjoyed the early seasons for their intellectual depth?

To be fair it was much more interestingly written before, and the pacing felt a lot better, but it's clearly at the "fuck it, lets just get on with the big CGI battles that everyone's been patiently waiting for" stage.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 11:42, Reply)