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This is a normal post We're a bit fucked either way now.
Can you imagine how fucking stupid we'll look as a nation if we vote out of the EU, but can't seal the deal and end up staying a member? We'll be more of a laughing stock than we already are for voting out in the first place. The whole thing is a fucking shitshow.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 11:11, Reply)
This is a normal post Best make a clean break rather than go back to the ex.
I'm genuinely surprised how well it's going to be honest.

Everyone and their dog was predicting the end of the world would happen immediately after voting for brexit.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 11:29, Reply)
This is a normal post It still will.
We've not actually left yet. When we do, we're going to be fucked up the arse (sans lube) by all and sundry.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 11:32, Reply)
This is a normal post We explicitly told everything would be fucked immediately after the vote.
They were wrong then, maybe they'll be wrong now.

Even if it's hard the alternative is being a single state in the United States of Europe. Personally I'll accept a few hedge fund managers cutting their wrists in order to avoid that.

Be interesting to see how some of the states that are still recovering from soviet occupation are going to accept EU rule.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 11:47, Reply)
This is a normal post seeing as most people expected the referendum result to be debated for some time
and were stunned when Cameron shat himself, set it in motion and ran away the next morning, I'd say your memory of being explicitly told what would happen the next day is incorrect
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 12:06, Reply)
This is a normal post I remember the threat of a "punishment budget" in the event of a leave vote quite well.
Tax rises and massive cuts to fill a 30 billion black hole after the country goes to shit. Which we were told repeatedly would happen in response to a leave vote not the act of leaving itself.

Probably would have happened too if cameron hadn't scarpered leaving osborne unprotected.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 12:15, Reply)
This is a normal post the punishment budget was something the Tories came up with wasn't it?
65 Tory backbenchers name for Osborne's plans according to a quick Google, hardly "everyone and their dog"
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 12:20, Reply)
This is a normal post Tory plan announced whilst sharing a stage with Labour, (Alister Darling)
The 65 back benchers were saying they wouldn't vote for it if it touch health or the police.
He appeared to have the support of the rest of the party.

And by everyone and their dog I meant almost every financial expert speaking about the matter.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 12:26, Reply)
This is a normal post So 65 MPs and "every financial expert" said we would be fucked "immediately after the vote"
if Osborne ran a specific budget that those MPs would still be allowed to vote on.

I'm confused, surely a budget that would allow further voting would take quite some time to prepare and implement if won. How is that immediately after the Brexit referendum? and where are these dogs?
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 12:37, Reply)
This is a normal post Never mind the dogs.
I want to know why I wasn't immediately fucked after the vote. Was at least 3 weeks until I got my leg over.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 12:47, Reply)
This is a normal post Not sure of the point you're trying to make here.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 12:49, Reply)
This is a normal post
Brexit has already fucked our economy - Our currency is bollixed and our exports and manufacturing haven't risen to counter that.

Regardless of whether you think it's right/wrong/pink/grey/hard Brexit has thus far been a financial disaster.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 13:08, Reply)
This is a normal post Isn't unemployment currently at a 42 year low?

(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 13:33, Reply)
This is a normal post Nope, not at all.
The problem with the official rate is that it falls if an unemployed worker hasnít sought a job in the past four weeks or canít start one in the next fortnight. Once they stop seeking work, fewer people are classed as unemployed but no jobs have been created.

So you're right in that this government are the best so far at redefining what being unemployed means. I know people aren't keen on links to "left wing" sources, so I'm just using right wing ones or academia.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 14:05, Reply)
This is a normal post As I said, I'm confused too
You said "Everyone and their dog was predicting the end of the world would happen immediately after voting for brexit"

But the closest you've come to backing that up is mentioning some Tory MPs and finance experts not liking Osborne's threatened extra austerity plans.

Naysayers have been very pessimistic about what will happen because of Brexit especially when it does actually happen. But I don't recall anyone saying the world would end immediately after the referendum, especially when they assumed it would only be giving the government food for thought.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 13:29, Reply)
This is a normal post Ok here you go all wrapped up in one handy package

And in repsonce to this Armageddon
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 13:50, Reply)
This is a normal post I hate to defend Tories but the video clip shows Cameron talking about "after leaving europe"
not the day after the referendum.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 14:01, Reply)
This is a normal post Well i've tried.
Even copied and pasted a nice graphic with the heading "Immediate impact of a vote to leave the EU on the UK"

Add to that the chancellor was threatening the whole county with a punishment budget to counter it. Not one in 2 years time after all the negotiations etc.

But hey, not here to convert you.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 14:09, Reply)
This is a normal post even if that was about the day after the referendum
and not after leaving Europe as the people talking actually say with their own voices.
That's still just a Tory scare pamphlet, not "Everyone and their dog"
That's all I'm trying to helpfully correct you on, most remoaners are concerned for the results of actually leaving Europe. It was only the Tories scared about losing their jobs that were shitting themselves and predicting armageddon on the 24th June 2016
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 14:17, Reply)
This is a normal post It was certainly about the day after. Point clearly made at the time.

Whilst I agree it was a scare pamphlet it wasn't just the tories.

Created by the treasury, backed up by the Bank of England and IMF and quoted by every bloody financial expert the media could dig up.

Not watched the video of dumb and dumber so no idea what they're saying.
Just providing you with what was given out to us at the time.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 14:42, Reply)
This is a normal post so we are at least in agreement that it was the government and people in power
and not the general public "remoaners" (everybody and their dog)
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 14:45, Reply)
This is a normal post Ah so that's the bloody context for all this?
Yes, I was talking about government, financial experts, media commentators ext.

Not the general public, they were the target of all this to get them to vote they way business and government wanted them to.

Nearly worked too, but they just jumped the shark and went too far.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 14:49, Reply)
This is a normal post But this is exactly coming true?
We've already seen our average real wages fall by about 3% .

Exchange rate has already dropped 13%.

House prices? Dunno, I live in London, they'll never fall here.

What did you expect rioting and every city centre being set on fire? So far all of this is coming true, not being proved false.

We seem to have a choice between "hard" brexit vs paying a huge divorce bill so that 30+b figure is looking far too conservative too.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 14:15, Reply)
This is a normal post You don't think some of that could be from that little global financial crisis?
Just a bit?

And if a bunch for market spivs hadn't bet the wrong way about the result maybe the fall would't have been so hard.

Still a lower pound should be good for home grown exports.

House prices still going up, don't worry.
Mines gone up 68% in 5 years, bet a whole load of people would like to see them fall actually. Must be fucking hard being a first time buyer now.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 14:57, Reply)
This is a normal post
When other countries in the EU have gone up in the same period, no it's quite evidently NOT from the global financial crisis :)

Exports haven't gone up - We'd have to produce something that other people wanted to buy.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 15:05, Reply)
This is a normal post we've just had a hike in inflation instead
The equivalent of a tax rise (ie everyone's poorer) but the exchequer receives nothing. GO US
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 13:55, Reply)
This is a normal post you know you're talking to an expert when they start comparing global trading partners to ex-girlfriends
It's the same, yeah? Treat em keen keep em mean etc
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 13:50, Reply)
This is a normal post Was wondering when you were going to pipe up.
Too busy wanking over Juncker's little speech this morning?
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 13:55, Reply)
This is a normal post give it a year and we'll be playing non-stop mournful piano under their window while the rest of the world looks on laughing

(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 14:14, Reply)
This is a normal post Not true.
There's no way we'll able to afford to import a piano
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 14:17, Reply)
This is a normal post it will be British made
More of a xylophone made of old pots and pans
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 14:21, Reply)
This is a normal post ..or of Farage's grey and yellow teeth

(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 14:55, Reply)
This is a normal post That's not my recollection
I remember quite a few people going "on the whole I think we'll be worse off if we vote to leave." Martin Lewis, who doesn't really have much of an axe to grind, and Jeremy Clarkson for another.

They seem to have been right. We seem to be worse off than we would have been had we not voted to leave, broadly. There is also mounting evidence to indicate that we will suffer much more if we exit the customs union.

If your reason for being pleased is that although we are suffering as a country (inflation, exchange rate, skilled & unskilled people leaving, fall in students, lower economic growth than predicted etc.) this is not as cataclysmic as SOME people said it would be, then I'm afraid I can't agree with your positive outlook.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 14:00, Reply)