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This is a normal post You'll feel different when they are people you know.
Friends of the family are in a gay marriage, neither has a penis but yet they have an 8 year old son together. I've never felt the urge to ask them where the spuff came from, or even who's egg it was. None of my business as far as I am concerned. They're amazing parents and the lad is exceptionally bright, polite and well balanced.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2018, 16:26, Reply)
This is a normal post But you didn't read about them in a national newspaper.
The issue here is the woeful quality of the reporting, not the fact that two married guys are starting a family together.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2018, 16:40, Reply)
This is a normal post I agree there, the reporting is atrocious, "They have not revealed any more details about the pregnancy, including whether or not a surrogate is involved."
I would have wanted to see the BBC list all the other options they had whilst holding up the ultrasound.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2018, 16:46, Reply)
This is a normal post That line wasn't in the original article.
It originally read as if they had somehow reproduced without the aid of a third party.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2018, 18:17, Reply)
This is a normal post As reported by the BBC. As funded by a mandatory tax, enforced by criminal liability.

(, Wed 14 Feb 2018, 16:46, Reply)
This is a normal post that's not Prufrock's issue

(, Wed 14 Feb 2018, 16:51, Reply)
This is a normal post The first thing I say about the subject at 15:33 is that it's a news story based entirely and exclusively on a social media post.
I realise you're determined to dishonesty misrepresent as a homophobe, please don't pretend to know what I think.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2018, 17:07, Reply)
This is a normal post no the first thing you said at 15:24 was 'this isnt normal or natural'

(, Wed 14 Feb 2018, 17:27, Reply)
This is a normal post You're reading sarcasm into that remark. Well done Benny.
Less than 1% of parents do this, ergo it is not normal. I think we can take as read there was some kind of medical intervention, IVF or equivalent, ergo not natural. Neither is a criticism or judgment, just an observation. Stop pretending something unusual is normal.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2018, 19:04, Reply)
This is a normal post All of that is true.
You've misinterpreted me. I'd still be curious about the biological parentage but wouldn't ask out of politeness though.
However I think if you scream "Look at me! Look at me!" by posting on social media because you're a reality TV star and professional attention seeker, such glaringly obvious questions are perfectly reasonable.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2018, 16:43, Reply)
This is a normal post facebook is 90% pictures of people's babies

(, Wed 14 Feb 2018, 16:50, Reply)
This is a normal post Link is to the BBC, not Facebook.

(, Wed 14 Feb 2018, 19:05, Reply)