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This is a normal post He's good
but he's no Peter Skellern
(, Fri 9 Mar 2018, 0:18, Reply)
This is a normal post Hurt - Johnny Cash version.
The background story to the video is pretty sad too.
(, Fri 9 Mar 2018, 1:11, Reply)
This is a normal post I have seen the video before
but what is the back story?
(, Fri 9 Mar 2018, 3:58, Reply)
This is a normal post It's the last song he released
He'd lost his wife a couple of years previously, his health was failing and the whole song and video was him signing off from a long career and not long after, his life. As an epitaph it's perfect.
(, Fri 9 Mar 2018, 10:32, Reply)
This is a normal post
I thought it was a cover of a nine inch nails track
(, Fri 9 Mar 2018, 10:54, Reply)
This is a normal post It is that too.

(, Fri 9 Mar 2018, 11:41, Reply)
This is a normal post The Johnny Cash version is fucking shit.
It's like Alexandra Burke covering 'Hallelujah'. It sounds lovely enough if you're too culturally shallow to be familiar with, or appreciate the original. Its only saving grace is that it comes from an album of cover versions and wasn't the only song to get buggered.
The message in the video is so fucking far removed from the song's intended message and still every cunt is like "Man, it's so deep and emosh, innit."
(, Fri 9 Mar 2018, 13:50, Reply)
This is a normal post I beg to differ.
I think Cash's version is great. There's nothing wrong with appropriation of a song and reinterpreting it (and the interpretation is very different from the original, with Cash at the end of his life and Reznor battling his way through his).

If you want fucking shit, you should try the Leona Lewis cover (trigger warning: It is a monstrous pile of old wank)
(, Fri 9 Mar 2018, 14:13, Reply)
This is a normal post BTW, have you heard the Reznor / Bowie duet of Hurt?

(, Fri 9 Mar 2018, 14:15, Reply)
This is a normal post Talking of covers of Hallelujah
Do you think that Buckley should have left the original alone? Hendrix ought never have had a go at All Along The Watch Tower? Maybe The Farm were ill advised to take on Pachabell's Canon or Boko Haram should not have done Bach's G on and Air String.
(, Fri 9 Mar 2018, 14:36, Reply)
This is a normal post Boko Haram are doing Bach covers now?

(, Fri 9 Mar 2018, 19:03, Reply)
This is a normal post Teenage argument,
I like = good
Not like = shit
Not much nuance from someone who is as culturally sophisticated as you claim to be.

I knew the original first, they are different, the Cash version is so sad because it is sung by an ill old man, in a museum of personal possessions, his wife looks on. They both died within seven months and the museum burnt down.
(, Fri 9 Mar 2018, 18:31, Reply)