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This is a normal post My reaction is generally the same.
I used to find Thorne amusing, but he seems to believe in his own mythology. If this stuff is true, he's a monumental arsehole. If it isn't, he's just operating at the level of a monumental arsehole. Neither way does he come off well.
(, Fri 9 Nov 2012, 19:48, Reply)
This is a normal post and tat
is why I don't bother reading it any more.
(, Fri 9 Nov 2012, 20:07, Reply)
This is a normal post How much of it is founded in truth?
I mean, he's using what looks like headed stationery from Ogilvy Public Relations:

The phone number gives that away, at least. But how many of the people he talks about actually exist and work there?
(, Sat 10 Nov 2012, 7:17, Reply)
This is a normal post Re-redacted?
(I'm sure the phone number used to be more obvious on that GIF.)
(, Sat 10 Nov 2012, 7:18, Reply)