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This is a normal post I'm not surprised
just a bit disappointed.
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 19:46, Reply)
This is a normal post Me too I thought he had more sense than this
this is just plain stupid, selfish and he sounds like he really doesn't give a toss, but that's because it's not directly effecting him, if it was I'm sure he wouldn't have this opinion.
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 19:48, Reply)
This is a normal post Nope.
Libertarians rarely have more sense than this. That's how they stay libertarian.

As I've said elsewhere (and in a wholly different context): you can tell a libertarian by the noise they make - it's the faint rattle of a tiny intellect untethered in an otherwise empty mind.
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 19:55, Reply)
This is a normal post I'm not quite sure what a libertarian literally is
sounds a bit like a middle-class anarchist who doesn't want to lose his/her privileges in society.

But he certainly sounds like a dick on this issue.
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 20:06, Reply)
This is a normal post ^this
The more I think about it, the more it sounds like a wannabe anarchist, who hasn't actually thought through the consequences.
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 20:07, Reply)
This is a normal post Most anarchists I have encountered have suffered from lack of understanding of the consequences of anarchism.
For example anarchist communes - sounds idyllic growing your own food and swopping items based on different skill-sets and everybody having a say in how the community is run. In reality community politics will be based upon who has the loudest voice and can bend the will of others to their vision. (sounding more like a dictatorship already). Trading of good will be dependant on some kind of scale of worth i.e. A New Age Dream Catcher isn't going to be worth the same as a sack of potatoes that took months of growing and tending to so therefore a hierarchy will soon be established where farmers are more valuable members of the community than crafters. Also how do you stop pillaging from rival communities or roaming gangs of anarchists who don't wish to work hard growing food and would rather steal it? Smash the State, smash the System fair enough but it's everyone for themselves in your brave new world.
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 20:19, Reply)
This is a normal post *Steals cabbages*

(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 22:22, Reply)
This is a normal post It's champagne-anarchist basically.
Or 'anarcho-capitalist' as they sometimes call themselves.

Using outdated historical values to reinforce their hatred and disgust of giving poor people money.

To be fair to Penn Jillette, he's a bit more well-read than your average Glenn Beck on the issue (who ISN'T a libertarian, just a tax disagreer). However, he's something of a fantasist when it comes to pragmatism. It's a lovely idea that we'd all pay for ourselves, be happy, free and not kill each-other, but the reality is nothing more than middle class utopia.
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 20:25, Reply)
This is a normal post Sounds like they want the Old West back where they run the town and government has little to no authority over their lives
stupid concept really.
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 20:30, Reply)
This is a normal post Basically
They would argue that's essentially how the Founding Fathers envisioned America - just to the right of anarchy... but anyone who's been there knows how ridiculous and fanciful that idea of freedom is. I just wish they'd finally admit it to themselves.
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 20:34, Reply)