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This is a normal post opposite opinion
quite liked this track - eerie vocal from beyond grave - nice thick guitar solo. Doesn't sound much like the Beatles mind you - more like a George Harrison 1970s production.

Whereas Love - wasn't sure about hearing the Beatles tunes randomly cut up. Listened to it once with a grumpy look on my face.
(, Wed 23 Jan 2013, 9:54, Reply)
This is a normal post Love was ok...
that's about as good as I can say, I think the one redeeming factor was spotting the songs and feeling smug when you know a drum fill or backing vocal. That lasts for one listen though.
(, Wed 23 Jan 2013, 10:03, Reply)
This is a normal post I few folks i know don't like Love it either
For it being cut up like some jive bunny thing. Different strokes i suppose.
(, Wed 23 Jan 2013, 10:04, Reply)
This is a normal post Wot choo talkin' bout etc etc

(, Wed 23 Jan 2013, 10:32, Reply)
This is a normal post I'm not too sure this morn

(, Wed 23 Jan 2013, 10:44, Reply)
This is a normal post I heard All Things Must Pass recently
and realised when people accuuse Jeff Lynne of wanting to be in the Beatles, they really mean, he wants to be George Harrison.

Love was dreadful
(, Wed 23 Jan 2013, 10:23, Reply)