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This is a normal post get Dishonoured instead then
that's blooming brilliant
(, Wed 23 Jan 2013, 10:51, Reply)
This is a normal post I cant get into it
Im sure its a good game, but its not for me. I cant really be arsed with it.
Might trade it in - got too many other games to play.
(, Wed 23 Jan 2013, 10:52, Reply)
This is a normal post I'm really enjoying it
I think I'm done with shooty bang bang games now (the wife got me CODBLOPS2 for my birthday, and I thought it was arse), so Dishonored is much more up my street. Like Batman Arkham in a semi-mythical olde worlde setting. Lovely
(, Wed 23 Jan 2013, 11:00, Reply)
This is a normal post as taters knows I'm hot and cold with it
it's like it should be good, but for all it's nice "oooh, I can nip up there and then turn in to a rat and then freeze time and then" etc it is equally empty and slapdash and flaily armed when it comes to a sword fight.

For example, the posh party bit is nice, but could do with a room packed with people.
It's fabulous decor and character/mask designs, but only a handful of people turned up.
(, Wed 23 Jan 2013, 11:32, Reply)
This is a normal post Dishonored is flippin' great!
First game I've ever finished then immediately replayed from start to finish another three times.

Almost all games are variations on a theme and Dishonored can be compared to Bioshock and a few others, but the world it creates seems so original and immersive, totally hooked me.
(, Wed 23 Jan 2013, 11:46, Reply)