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This is a normal post Haha
i was just gonna say - "i suppose you want your films to be 1.99 and 12 hours long then?"
(, Wed 23 Jan 2013, 16:10, Reply)
This is a normal post An example of moneys worth
Call of duty black ops 2: Currently at 37p per hour (Still playing daily)

Dark Knight Cinema: 3.20 per hour

Not taking into account that anyone I know can come and play my copy of BO2, where as the cinema is for me and me only, and that I may be be to trade/sell my copy of BO2 and reduce the end cost.
(, Wed 23 Jan 2013, 16:26, Reply)
This is a normal post If you're not taking a camcorder in with you then you're a mug.

(, Wed 23 Jan 2013, 17:09, Reply)