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This is a question Bastard Colleagues

You've all known one. The brown-nosing fucker, the 'comedian', the drunk, the gossip and of course the weird one with no mates who goes bell ringing, looks like Mr Majika and sports a monk's haircut (and is a woman).

Tell us about yours...

Thanks to Deskbound for the idea

(, Thu 24 Jan 2008, 9:09)
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The worse one ever
I used to have a job working in the City of London. I was happy there, just sort of plodding along every day - big drinky lunches and even bigger drinky after workies. My work was always finished though, and I managed to bring the profile of our department to something better than "Those fucking cunts in accounts"

And then, then the company brought in a new manager. She was an utter, utter, utter troll. Short, fat, frizzy hair haridan. We started installing a new accounts package about 2 months after she started. I started doing some serious overtime (not getting paid for it) getting into work at about 7.30 in the morning, and not getting home until gone nine most nights. A couple of times I was there till 11.00. I would like to point out that I had 2 small children at the time, and my husband had run off with a coke whore about 3 months before she started. Anyhoo - she called me into the meeting room one morning and told me that I wasn't "committed" enough to my role, and as I was having "personal problems" it had been decided by upper management that I should either take a demotion (and drop 5k)or be willing to put in more hours.

I think they were planning on setting up a little camp bed under my desk - bless 'em.

Rather predictably I told her to stroke it and poke it and handed my resignation in on the spot. She shat herself a bit then as there was no one else in the department who was as brilliant as I (this bit may be a little fib)

Well - I worked out my notice and about a week before I was due to leave I had an interview with HR. Man, I stuck the knife in - it was fantastic, every petty little nasty shitty thing she had ever said or done was brought out into the light and pored over. Her line manager got involved and when I told him what had been going on he actually went a bit pale. Constructive Dismissal appeared to be a phrase that worried everyone in that meeting. I said it a number of times.

Anyway, I left and 1 month later she was sacked; and I went back as a consultant. SCORE!

Don't fuck with the cat.
(, Thu 24 Jan 2008, 9:48, closed)
I like!
(, Thu 24 Jan 2008, 9:52, closed)
Well done that cat.
Stories about the bastards of this world getting their comeuppance make me happy.
Have a click. And a round of applause.
(, Thu 24 Jan 2008, 10:10, closed)
Yay for karma.
Yay for telling it like it is.
(, Thu 24 Jan 2008, 10:18, closed)
I like this!
It's good to hear stories of vindication. clicky.
(, Thu 24 Jan 2008, 10:52, closed)
is a dish best served cold, especially with crappy managers!
Well done and I'm glad it worked out!
(, Thu 24 Jan 2008, 11:43, closed)
Super happy ending!
I like this :)
(, Thu 24 Jan 2008, 12:01, closed)
^^^Aw you guys
I feel all warm and fluffy.

*adjusts central heating*
*Takes off mohair jumper*
(, Thu 24 Jan 2008, 20:40, closed)
Jolly good.
Eat my click.
(, Tue 29 Jan 2008, 15:28, closed)

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