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This is a question Beautiful Moments

The best night of my life was spent lying in the bottom of a boat, floating down a river low enough to be under the thin layer of mist gathering at about 3am such that it scudded between me and the stars.

Make us feel all warm and fluffy. Tell us about the most beautiful moments in your life so far.

(, Fri 11 Mar 2005, 9:15)
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Last summer
At a mates house, for drunken shindigs and such like. Usual goin on, only this was a really close group of mates, and we were all goin off to uni after the hols so were making the most of being within piss-up distance.

Anyways, Coysh the dude who's house it was got his guitar out and stated playing some "Perfect Circle" stuff. Now this guy can seriously play. gradually moves to his other fav group, the gods that are Radiohead.
I hears the opening chords of "Creep", and bein a bit of a singerer myself started singin along.

Hectic drunken party suddenly becomes sober and everyone stopped talkin and just listened, no-one asked them to, they just did.
Song was flawless and it was about 7pm so the dusk light was coming in the window. F'ing beautiful

He committed suicide less than a month later. So that is my lasting memory of him- couldnt ask for a better one.
I neglected to mention that the muppet was wearing his PVC nurses outfit as he played

Coysh, you were, are, and will remain a complete d00d

That song is awesome
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 20:42, closed)

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