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This is a question What nonsense did you believe in as a kid?

Ever thought that you could get flushed down the loo? That girls wee out their bottoms? Or that bumming means two men rubbing their bums together? Tell us about your childhood misconceptions. Thanks to Joefish for the suggestion.

(, Wed 18 Jan 2012, 15:21)
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"Being attacked very badly"
As a kid I liked to stay up late and watch the news with mum and dad.

A report of a vicious rape comes on the News at 10.

Me: "Mum, what does rape mean?".

Mum: "errmm, means to be attacked very badly".

2 weeks later I was (genuinely) attacked very badly by an Alsatian dog.

Imagine the hilarity when I told my less innocent peers and school teachers that I had been "raped very badly by a big Alsatian dog". I retold the story well into my teens until someone was kind enough to reveal the true meaning.

oh dear.

first post (as a born again b3taean) - be gentle.
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 9:05, closed)
Ha Ha!...

for the story, by the way, not for the dogrape...sorry about that.

Nice first post - allow me to pop your click cherry.

(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 9:17, closed)
Yeah, you like that don't you, you filthy mare.

(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 9:20, closed)
My mum told me it was when a man forced a woman to marry him
Which kind of satisfied me, but I couldn't work out how that was possible. I mean, did he have a vicar on stand-by? And surely women would learn to be wary of men prowling the streets carrying large tiered cakes?
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 9:47, closed)
Misinforming children for one's personal amusement is ace.

My nephew thinks that sheep come from the woolen "seeds" you find in fields.
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 10:14, closed)
You can also tell them
that the black bags you see in fields about this time of year are cow eggs. Freak the little bugger out.
(, Fri 20 Jan 2012, 9:29, closed)

(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 12:11, closed)
Good lord!
That's pretty damn funny though.
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 14:20, closed)
They told me that it meant
Ripping the clothes off of someone.
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 14:46, closed)
Nice post
Not the rapey bit obviously....but you get my drift.

Ooh you big porky pie teller this isn't your first post, or is it a born again B3tan sort of thing?
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 15:08, closed)
crikey, you're right
seems i posted some rubbish ages ago that i had forgotten about! Well, yeah, reborn. I like that.
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 15:23, closed)

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