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This is a question Conspiracy Theories

What's your favourite one that you almost believe? And why? We're popping on our tinfoil hats and very much looking forward to your answers. (Thanks to Shezam for this suggestion.)

(, Thu 1 Dec 2011, 13:47)
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I went for a beer last night with a guy who in all seriousness confided in me that although he has deliberately kept his number of Twitter followers small...
He has his own UK radio station on Twitter and organised the reunion of a minor boyband, though he was ultimately screwed out of the deal when they decided to sign with Colombia Records instead (apparently the lead singer had promised him exclusive rights to his voice - the lead singer, on his own Twitter feed, describes this guy as a sick individual who needs help)

Barack Obama and Al Gore are hanging on his every word - because you don't need to follow someone to read their Tweets, obviously

He regularly chats with Gary Barlow, Olly Murs, Ricky Gervais, and Perez Hilton and Lady Gaga are coming round his house soon. When I queried whether they had actually said that, he said "Twitter's all rhymes and riddles and you have to read between the lines"

In short, he epitomises pretty much everything I've ever suspected about Twitter users
(, Thu 8 Dec 2011, 12:25, 6 replies)
the problem
isn't so much there aren't true 'conspiracy theories', there are plenty of conspiracy's which are true.

The problem is seeing the gorilla.

Very real high level conspiracies exist because we live in a society where egocentricity and competition is encouraged between individuals from an early age. Rather than an environment of open mutual cooperation. It might even be this divide and rule is what gives rise to the psychopathic anti humanist system we find ourselves in and increasingly encouraged to be dependant on, where self serving elitist groups that steer it can thrive and grow. Helped on by an organisation of lodges and old boys networks, who serve their own self interest as well as sometimes even being unaware of the bigger agenda they're a part of. The useful idiots, as they call 'em.

There was a great experiment done by Derren Brown once where he had a man in a gorilla suit walk on stage and take a banana in full view of the audience without them knowing. Purely because he was able to direct their attention elsewhere. Yet each audience member once told would find every justification to deny it ever happened. They're far too clever, they couldn't have possibly missed that.

A person would find it more productive to piss in the wind than time on the internet arguing over very provable conspiracies like the secret foundation of the Fed Reserve Act, the central banking scam, quoting respectable credible names talking about this powerful self serving elite etc. The facts are out there, but seriously, what's the point? A fair amount will never admit to themselves they've failed to see that gorilla or that they've been duped all along. They're far too clever to fall for that. And too much work to restructure and shift that reality they may have too much invested interest in. Far better to justify it by dismissing it all as "conspiracy theory" instead. To the point were even the term is used as a pathological trance inducer as short hand for anything nonsensical. Permission to switch of all critical or analytical thought to actually seriously research it in any depth other than a cursory google.

A person would find it far more productive these days to organise things at the community level in the grass roots out in the real world, volunteering etc. amongst people who have experienced enough reality and hardship to lose the mask of denial. Or have the clarity that comes when a person no longer has a vested interest in a parasitic system which no longer serves them and was never designed to. Far more rewarding and productive too.
(, Thu 8 Dec 2011, 12:11, Reply)
Probably not a conspiracy as such
But one of my favourite mysteries anyway. The 'Bloop'.

For the uninitiated; an ultra-low frequency and extremely powerful underwater sound detected by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in 1997. The source of the sound remains unknown. While the audio profile of the Bloop does resemble that of a living creature, the source is a mystery both because it is different from known sounds and because it was several times louder than the loudest known, recorded animal, the blue whale. Some have speculated that if it is a living creature, as it does appear to be, it would have to be several hundred feet long.
(, Thu 8 Dec 2011, 11:43, 3 replies)
the truth is outhere brothers boom boom boom let me here you say way-ooh, way-ooh

(, Thu 8 Dec 2011, 11:38, 5 replies)

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