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This is a question Conspiracy Theories

What's your favourite one that you almost believe? And why? We're popping on our tinfoil hats and very much looking forward to your answers. (Thanks to Shezam for this suggestion.)

(, Thu 1 Dec 2011, 13:47)
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The real Michael Jackson conspiracy
- Daddy Joe had Mikey neutered when he was eleven so he would retain those treble pipes and the cutesy face. The pipes stayed but the face didn't. All the surgery was to cover up the gross eunuch features.
- It is a well known fact that the airport scanners would go crazy from the ball bearings in his ball sack. The wanking that went on in the Thriller video was just him adjusting the magnetic codpiece.
- The playtimes with the little boys were just 'show me yours and I'll show you mine and we'll see who's bigger.' He usually lost.
- Mikey's kids? Now who could possibly believe he had any genetic input?
(, Thu 1 Dec 2011, 20:14, closed)
There was something on cracked last week
Saying a cure for spots might have chemically castrated him. As for the little boys, it wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't anything dodgy at all-just an 11 year old with no-one to tell him no trying to live the normal life he never had, and a parent with an eye for an easy buck.
He was still a bit odd though, obviously.
(, Fri 2 Dec 2011, 0:16, closed)
Totally believe the jacko eunuch theory!!!
Still a nonce though.
(, Fri 2 Dec 2011, 9:29, closed)

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