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This is a question Join us... come join the cult

A friend of mine recently floored me with the admission that he'd spent several years in Eastern Europe with the Moonies. And he seemed so normal. Have you or your mates disappeared into a cult? Now that the brain-washing has worn off, tell us all about it.

(, Thu 26 Jan 2006, 17:46)
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oh, another one
I went through a stage of really really believing in God (I still do), which might had had something to do with having a crush on an extremely Christian feller at Uni...

Started going to All Soul's, Lagham Place (London), where another friend went. She assured me it was friendly, and in fact she did meet her now husband there.

It wasn't friendly though. They stared at me when I laughed at the crap "worship songs", they harrumphed at me when I was discomfited by their "gays are evil" rants, and they tried to save me when I said I thought sex before marriage was fine and my own business thankyou very much.

Stopped going, and my sense of self-worth improved greatly.
(, Fri 27 Jan 2006, 17:22, closed)

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