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This is a question My first love

I can't remember her name. Rebecca I think. We used to play monkeys in the rhododendron bushes at the edge of the big playground. She was lovely. We were 5.

C'mon, tell us about your first love

(, Thu 20 Oct 2005, 10:31)
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She had the best tits in the school...
and I'd fancied her for ages, calling her names, tripping her up etc.
Eventually I asked her if "she'd go out with me" and she said yes!
My two best friends got really jealous and stopped talking to me (one of them turned out to be gay.. sure it was because he fancied me!)
We were together for about a year then I dumped her... because I was bored!?!

Met her again in July last year, both still fancied each other and got on really well now that we'd grown up - so I asked her to marry me!!

We got married in August this year and she’s still got amazing tits!!
(, Thu 20 Oct 2005, 13:46, closed)

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