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This is a question Putting the Fun in Funeral

Some deaths come suddenly or too soon and can really hit hard, others seem to be a blessed relief. Similarly, some funerals can be deeply upsetting and sad, others can make you want to hug the world.

Mmm, don't want to bring you down or anything, but tell us your funeral stories...

(, Thu 11 May 2006, 9:31)
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Okay, so it wasn't a funeral, but fuggit it was in a church.

Sombre Ash Wednesday mass at a well known New Zealand all boys Catholic high school. Myself and Josh Hickman are sitting near the front. Another guy from our year, Cameron, had to read a bit from the book. A bit about Gentiles. Cue Cameron's stage fright..

"and then Jesus did speak to the Genitals"

And only me and Josh noticed I think. Spent the rest of the service trying not to shit with laughter.

Immature? Fuck you I was only 14, it was funny as hell. Funerals? I spent my great grandfathers service quietly trying to convince my parents to let me read them a star wars story as they looked glum and I was sure it would cheer them up.

Too young then to have any concept of 'death'
(, Thu 11 May 2006, 11:30, closed)

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