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This is a question Evidence that you're getting old

Youthful as I am, I realised yesterday that I no-longer know, or care, who is #1 in the charts. Furthermore, it takes all day to get rid of a hangover and I now seem to have a profound interest in gardening. Worst is that I now use words like 'furthermore'.

What makes you think that you are getting old?

(, Thu 28 Oct 2004, 13:01)
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What makes me feel old?
Hearing my boyfriend's niece refer to Green Day as "old school". ACK!

Glancing up on our shelf, spying a copy of "Bostin' Steve Austin". On vinyl. And realizing that it is older than people I work with.

Telemarketers call me Ma'am.

People on the street have stopped offering to sell me illegal substances. The last drugs I consumed were for my bad back and heartburn.

I remember to water my houseplants, and I know their latin names. I attended the Chelsea Flower Show last year.

I have become very finicky about the vintages of wine I consume.

I have maxed out my pension contributions for this tax year and now sometimes agree with things my father says about the government.

I have been known to take a hot water bottle with me when I go to bed... at 10 pm.

It's pretty much a luge ride to the grave from here...
(, Tue 2 Nov 2004, 20:34, closed)

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