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This is a question I hurt my rude bits

Spent all day with a sore bum, went to the loo to check it out and found blood in my pants. Not good. Piles? Checked in the shower and pulled a staple from my arse. Serves me right for leaving an old pencil case in my underwear drawer. BTW: On relating this story to a friend they said, "some people will do anything for a prick up their bottom."

(, Thu 13 Jul 2006, 22:00)
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One-Bollocked Dave
Kids! When playing Super-Mega-Stuntman at you local park, on no account should you attempt to go as high as you can on a swing, jump off, land on your bike saddle and ride away to the cheers and applause of your mates.

Because you can't.

We didn't call him One-Bollocked Dave for nothing.
(, Mon 17 Jul 2006, 17:54, closed)

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