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This is a question Messing with people's heads

Theophilous Thunderwulf says: What have you done to fuck with people? Was it a long, carefully planned piece of psychological warfare, or do you favour quick, off-the-cuff comments that confuse the terminally gullible? Have you been dicked with, and only realised many years later? Are you being dicked right now? Tell us everything.

(, Thu 12 Jan 2012, 11:25)
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Mis........ords or le.......s out when ta..lki...y boss, he loves that.
Me and my boss share an office, we have a pretty good working relationship, he's 56ish so not far off retirement, however he's getting on. Keeps having to get new glasses, blood pressure pills, ointments and recently - posh digital hearing aids!

Problem is the batteries keep going so i have perfected the knack of when i say something to him over the tops of the monitors, i manage to abruptly 'cut the volume' of random words and letters as i speak to my great amusement!

Me : "Rob, have y.... past the.... ninth pl.. tomorrow?"
Rob : "Eh?"

Cue 5 mins of cursing and swearing, changing batteries. Doesn't always work but the time it does, it's my own small personal victory as i push him towards madness. AND moving the tape dispenser! I'm a right wheeze
(, Thu 12 Jan 2012, 13:31, closed)
We had a teacher with a hearing aid
we used to hum in class. If you do it on a sort of rota system, you can keep it going indefinitely.

He'd tap his hearing aid, and we'd stop for 30 seconds, then gently start again.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2012, 13:46, closed)
We had a completely deaf supply teacher
Who spoke incredibly well for a deaf lady, you'd hardly know she was deaf, and she could lip-read a classroom full of kids.

We used to call her a fucking cunt every time she turned her back.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2012, 14:15, closed)

Norman Collier lives, well done that man.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2012, 14:20, closed)
i was trying to remember his name.... i too can be seen carrying a car door around for effect, winding the window down to shout at someone!
(, Thu 12 Jan 2012, 16:53, closed)

56 ???? Poor bugger !
(, Fri 13 Jan 2012, 10:18, closed)

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