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Are you a QOTWer? Do you want to start a thread that isn't a direct answer to the current QOTW? Then this place, gentle poster, is your friend.

(, Sun 1 Apr 2001, 1:00)
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Forgot this place still exists.
Nothing to add, just that if you do wander past, you say hello.
(, Mon 9 Jul 2018, 23:08, 11 replies, latest was 21 hours ago)
Cornwall is happening!
I'm off to Polruan to sit outside a tent drinking cider and eating lamb sandwiches or something. This message may not be seen of course till I come back.

Any suggestions on where to go gratefully received.
(, Thu 5 Jul 2018, 8:42, Reply)
And now, finally, OT?!

(, Tue 3 Jul 2018, 15:56, 1 reply, 2 weeks ago)
And now Dirty Den.

(, Fri 15 Jun 2018, 13:03, Reply)
Hello everyone!
I saw a fairground/carnival type thing on tv yesterday and realised I haven't been to one in years. The last was Epsom Derby where I won a live fish in a bag of water. Which is probably illegal now.

What are your fairground/carnival based stories, gang? Make Off Topic great again!

PS No stories about being sexually abused by gypsies. Or about sexually abusing gypsies. In fact, probably best not to even mention sexual abuse. Or gypsies. Ok, you can mention gypsies.
(, Thu 14 Jun 2018, 8:38, Reply)
and now peter stringfellow

(, Thu 7 Jun 2018, 10:59, 1 reply, 5 weeks ago)
Have anyone else's spirits habits changed
as they've got older?

I used to stick to one or 2 bottles and maybe a couple of types. Now I have a collection so I scull around between different ones.

Tonight is tequila, port, whisky and vodka.
(, Fri 1 Jun 2018, 21:35, 2 replies, latest was 6 weeks ago)
Hello everyone!
Hello!! Hello everyone!!! Hello!!! HELLO!!! HELLOOOOOOOO!!!!!! AAAAARGH! AAAARGH!!!! NEEEEAAAARGGHHHHHHH!!!! ahem 'hem cof cof... HELLO!!!! sob...

So has anyone bought any trainers lately?
(, Wed 30 May 2018, 23:17, 5 replies, latest was 7 weeks ago)
Hello everyone!
What did you discover whilst on enforced leave from B3TA?
(, Sun 27 May 2018, 22:49, Reply)
Hot innit
Beer is on the menu

(, Sun 20 May 2018, 17:46, 1 reply, 2 months ago)

(, Thu 17 May 2018, 16:52, 8 replies, latest was 2 months ago)
Hello everyone
Has anyone ever been in a bar/wedding party brawl? I read about one last night and it sounded unpleasant.
(, Thu 17 May 2018, 12:55, 3 replies, latest was 2 months ago)
So, off-topic is the new /talk

(, Wed 16 May 2018, 11:26, 2 replies, latest was 2 months ago)

(, Mon 14 May 2018, 10:06, 3 replies, latest was 2 months ago)
Donald Trump

(, Fri 11 May 2018, 17:49, Reply)
On Sunday I went to a lovely
National Trust property called Peckover House. I walked round the gardens and smelled the flowers, and went oooh at old books and interesting furnishings. Then went for a lovely cream tea and a chat.

An increasing number of my activities seem to suit the lifestyle of an elderly lady. Has anyone else noticed themselves becoming an elderly lady?

Do tell us about it dear, and have a pink wafer.
(, Wed 9 May 2018, 17:34, 2 replies, latest was 2 months ago)
O/T returned!
Must remember never to take it for granted again.


So what's everyone having for dinner then?
(, Tue 8 May 2018, 19:29, 3 replies, latest was 2 months ago)
On mat leave with baby meatswipe #2
What are YOU up to?
(, Tue 1 May 2018, 11:30, 3 replies, latest was 2 months ago)
Feeling of achievement
Just finished papering the hall stairs and landing in the Mrs' house*

*not a euphemism

What have you achieved eh? EH!!?
(, Sun 29 Apr 2018, 22:25, 5 replies, latest was 3 months ago)
Shouting into the void...

(, Mon 23 Apr 2018, 11:06, 14 replies, latest was 3 months ago)
Now Arsenal Wenger.

(, Fri 20 Apr 2018, 10:57, 2 replies, latest was 3 months ago)

(, Wed 18 Apr 2018, 22:22, 3 replies, latest was 3 months ago)
Good weather is here!
This immediately makes it difficult to walk past the pub on the way home without stopping for a pint. Both extremes of hot and cold weather propel me into the nearest pub.

Anyone got any sun plans? Definitely barbecuing on Saturday if it keeps up.
(, Wed 18 Apr 2018, 8:27, 3 replies, latest was 3 months ago)
And now impressively eyebrowed
drill sergeant from full metal jacket and the frighteners.
(, Mon 16 Apr 2018, 7:44, 2 replies, latest was 3 months ago)

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