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Are you a QOTWer? Do you want to start a thread that isn't a direct answer to the current QOTW? Then this place, gentle poster, is your friend.

(, Sun 1 Apr 2001, 1:00)
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Careful or he'll complain to qotw about you

(, Mon 16 Apr 2012, 12:12, Reply)
Has someone already done that? Or is just that this weeks question has been contained some really petty jibes?

There have been a few really stonking stories though, so it's not all bad.
(, Mon 16 Apr 2012, 12:14, Reply)
(, Mon 16 Apr 2012, 12:18, Reply)
I've just seen that
What the fuck is wrong with people on this board? It's no wonder it gets so much stick, you can't say anything without people getting their frilly knickers in a massive twist about it.
(, Mon 16 Apr 2012, 12:20, Reply)
Don't make me delete you again...

(, Mon 16 Apr 2012, 12:21, Reply)
i read that as "filthy knickers" at first
this shows what i think of al.
(, Mon 16 Apr 2012, 12:24, Reply)
I'd just had a shit morning and I was a little cranky
Besides you being the catalyst for me posting it - it wasn't entirely about you.. I've already apologised once - need me to do it again?
(, Mon 16 Apr 2012, 12:24, Reply)
Send him a cock gaz
Al loves cocks.
(, Mon 16 Apr 2012, 12:30, Reply)
Or bumhole pics
never forget the bumhole pics
(, Mon 16 Apr 2012, 12:35, Reply)
I just got a really nice macro
Clegnuts and all. Just say the word Al and it's yours
(, Mon 16 Apr 2012, 12:43, Reply)
you should tell the tale of how you lost your virginity
and the first time you took LOLDRUGZ.

lots of people on QOTW love that kind of story.
(, Mon 16 Apr 2012, 12:32, Reply)
I could've deleted the thread
But I figured that'd just me look even worse. The complaint was genuine, but I figure my method was a little off
(, Mon 16 Apr 2012, 12:15, Reply)
Thread deleting is considered the most heinous of crimes by some people.
Go and do it, then sit back and enjoy the reactions.
(, Mon 16 Apr 2012, 12:19, Reply)
I think being a pathetic twat and then bitching about it in a passive agressive fashion is worse.

(, Mon 16 Apr 2012, 12:24, Reply)
You could always write in QOTW about it...

(, Mon 16 Apr 2012, 12:27, Reply)

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