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(, Sun 1 Apr 2001, 1:00)
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Its a lazy sunday
I just finished catching up on the Bridge. So I thought I'd waste time on B3ta while waiting for the sky man.

What are you up to?
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 11:28, Reply)
Old 'pooter broked!
So I've fired up my backup and I'm going to see what I can salvage from the old hard drive -luckily I've backed up most stuff.
Then Twang club for a few hours. I'll be cooking beef curry for tea.
Rock & Roll!
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 11:39, Reply)
Might cook some potatoes for later
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 11:47, Reply)
wool is currently in the mordant, probably should have been more careful not to get alum on the kitchen surfaces.

Science is fun.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 11:50, Reply)
Especially on a Sunday

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 12:06, Reply)
damn right

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 12:09, Reply)
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 12:11, Reply)
I've read that one
where's today's?!
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 12:15, Reply)
Its a work in progress
I have hit somewhat of a writers block
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 12:18, Reply)
how about dyes?
dyes are awesome
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 12:23, Reply)
I could do one on the discovery of mauve, Im currently working on the history of NMR
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 12:28, Reply)
is that the one about squeezing snails?
Cochineal's an interesting one, too, for ages the dudes who discovered it (I want to say somewhere is south america here, but I think I'm wrong) didn't let on it was beetles for ages and so controlled it's production for years
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 12:33, Reply)
Sort of
For centuries the only source of purple dye was a small snail that existed only on one Mediterranean isle. Hence the 'royal' association with the colour due to its huge cost. In the 1800's a teenager trying to produce synthetic quinine accidentally made mauvine, the worlds first synthetic dye.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 12:36, Reply)
i read this a while ago, it's really interesting stuff
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 12:38, Reply)
Mmm you may have helped me break through my writers block
Ill begin in a bit
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 13:09, Reply)
I will give you credit

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 13:20, Reply)
If you need pictures of wool in mordant, I got em. Soon cochineal
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 13:22, Reply)
I'll be in touch

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 13:42, Reply)
I have some kind of horrendous viral thing
today I will mostly be wearing a groove in the carpet between my bed and my bathroom and weeping.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 11:52, Reply)
do you have a special weeping
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 11:54, Reply)
That sounds rude.

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 11:59, Reply)
i nearly said weeping spot
but that sounded worse
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 12:00, Reply)
Well, the constant rasping of toilet paper does have that effect...

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 12:07, Reply)

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 12:09, Reply)
grimmed even myself out there a little bit.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 12:12, Reply)

We had a houseparty last night. So right now I'm sat at my desk listening to the fugees, smoking a joint and nursing my water.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 11:52, Reply)
Houseparties are great!
However, having seen the wreckage that was Pooflake. Todj and NikG33 from friday's vodkafest, I don't envy you the hangover.

I do envy the joint though.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 12:00, Reply)
I just had an OH GOD WHAT IF I MADE THE WRONG CHOICE panic attack about my job, a recruiter said friday's one was going to offer me something amazing.
But I think about an hour-45m / two hours, each way, every day, I'll struggle. But now I'm thinking I might not struggle. But I probably will. I donno, is struggling to get into work worth 5k/year ? The recruiter is REALLY fit, she's never going to date me now. She probably wouldn't have dated me anyway. She spent so much time on me.

I'm gonna take myself down to the picture house later and see that Avenger film.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 13:37, Reply)
Perhaps I'm just not hardcore
but six months of a three hour round trip nearly killed me. I think you made the right choice, plus you have to factor in that if it's that much further away, surely you'd be spending most of the wage increase you'd get on a more expensive season ticket?
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 13:56, Reply)
I think you're right, plus there are *counts* changes
Enfield chase to finsbury park, finsbury park to vauxhall, vauxhall to wimbledon, wimbledon to wimbledon village.... changes.

Compared to just one, which is just across the platform, and then a bit of a walk or short bus ride.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 14:38, Reply)
if it is a mistake
then in a year or so's time, you find something else. It's not like you were short on offers.

I think you made the right decision, though. I used to commute about an hour or so, it sucked
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 14:12, Reply)
Yeah', you're spot on. I don't mind an hour, don't mind an hour and 20 min or soo, but this is way longer.

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 14:39, Reply)
Commuting that distance for a prolonged period of time is only slightly sub-lethal
I would not class it worth 5K from personal experence
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 14:13, Reply)
Good, cheers, you're right. Spot on =D

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 14:39, Reply)
The sky man is coming?!
Oh no I had so much more I wanted to do! I never got to see alan carr and graham norton making a porno :(
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 13:48, Reply)
Right now
I'm sitting in the car, in a nice Warwickshire village, with a sleeping baby tangle, while Mrs Dupinblue and little tangle are watching a duck race. I'm thinking of sticking the baby in her carrier when she wakes and popping into one of the village pubs I can see.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 14:19, Reply)
I have been catching up with american show Touch
which is quite good, featuring Kiefer Sutherland and an autistic kid.*

Now I am watching West Brom beating Arsenal through the power of the internet which is making me happy.

*No, he's not touching the kid.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 15:29, Reply)
I'm watching through the power of the internet, that is,
it's not how they're beating them.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 15:30, Reply)
Ooh. QPR have just scored.

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 16:10, Reply)
Have the radio on and it seems that some football persons are happier than some other football persons.
Been working all day, thanks for asking. x
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 17:33, Reply)
Alright TD?

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 17:39, Reply)
Not bad Mr Dogfucker
Boat arrives June 13th so that's a fine thing.

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 17:43, Reply)
No complaints.
I've enjoyed watching sport this afternoon.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:04, Reply)
I've a full diary later this week
But I expect there'll be very little cricket played, looking at the forecast.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:09, Reply)
Tonight for dinner i'll be having crispy fried calve's liver with shataki mushrooms and a creamy mustardy brandy sauce.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 17:33, Reply)
Tonight I will be having:
plain toast and a lot of water. I've made some pretty lush things the past few weekends though.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 17:35, Reply)
Not feeling any brighter
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 17:38, Reply)
I'm no longer in the loo every five minutes
but I feel like hell. Stupid germs.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 17:41, Reply)
I feel your pain
In my old house the bog and the sink were next to each other and one delightful xmas I spent the day shitting and puking simultaneously - a good muscle workout that I'd not care to repeat.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 17:48, Reply)
Been there, done that.

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 17:57, Reply)
When did you share a flat with TD?

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:05, Reply)
Right - you're pissing me off now, you are.
Because I know the line of that sig, and I can't work it out, and I'm not looking it up.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:18, Reply)
Think 80s
lead singer topped himself.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:22, Reply)
Love - love will tear us apart again.

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:25, Reply)
There we go.
Happy now?
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:27, Reply)
Yes - thank you. Mine is very obvious and due for a change soon.

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:29, Reply)
Not an easy one.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 19:08, Reply)
Topped himself you say....
Did he die on a Sundae?
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:25, Reply)
Go and stand outside for ten minutes and think about what you've done. Door to the internet is that way.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:28, Reply)
Sorry berk.

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:29, Reply)
On a Blue Monday...

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:28, Reply)
What sort of things?
Have you got yourself some mint / mint tea? Or even perhaps peppermint oil? It really does help with these things.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:01, Reply)
I made chicken parmegiana with garlic sautéed jersey royal new potatoes and green beans
which is a chicken escalope wrapped in parma ham with a slice of cheese between, then dipped in a mix of 2/3 breadcrumbs, 1/3 parmesan and shallow fried to seal it, then finished off under the grill.

And I also made a seared tuna steak with king prawns in a coriander, soy and chilli marinade with coconut rice. Both were, if I do say so myself, quite excellent.

And no, I don't have any mint tea. I did have some gaviscon earlier but it doesn't seem to have achieved anything.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:17, Reply)
Send the 1:25-scale pingpong player out to get some. Mint, brown sugar and hot water really would help.
Gaviscon is more for heartburn than nausia. The rennnie's chews are pretty good too.

omg, that first one sound beyond lush, I would soo dig that. Have you ever tried Panko breadcrumbs? They're the perfect ones for me. I got some well posh cheeses in at the moment, proper think-about-it-after-you-swallow types. Two are brie like and two are soft blue cheeses. That tuna one sounds pretty good too, even though tuna is my 'food hell', I think it might be able to convert me, that one.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:27, Reply)
Tuna steak is nicer than tuna from a tin, I find
and he's not here, and all the shops are shut in any case. I have not tried panko breadcrumbs yet but I did buy some the other day for when I make that chicken whatsit again, because it was lush. Failing that I could just go out and buy some camembert and breadcrumb and fry that.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:29, Reply)
I went out to the weird Halal shop down the road.
They have instant tea, if you can imagine such a thing. Slough is a strange place.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:38, Reply)
Yeah', and in sashimi it's alright too. Strangly enough, I really like it in Marks'n'sparks sushi, but no where else, even though marks probably uses tinned stuff (well, probably more like a barel than a tin).
Oh dear lordy, panko deep fried cannonbear (or a strong brie) with some kind of jam/sauce and something to dunk it in..... Seriously, if you ever want to give someone a heart attack and for them to thank you for it after, I'll be first in line - It'll be totally worth it.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 19:26, Reply)
Get a full size camembert
preferably the Le Rustique one that comes in a little wooden box, bake at 200oC for about ten minutes, top with red onion marmalade and stick back under for another few minutes. Nom with fresh crusty bread...
Cut the camembert in to eighths, roll in breadcrumbs and shallow fry in very hot oil. Use cranberry and port jelly to dip, or similar.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 19:33, Reply)
Oh man, that does sound good.
A cheese maker of canonbert taught me how to tell the perfectly ripe one. The ridges should be brown half way up them while being in the fridge, then you leave it out unwrapped for about an hour or soo, and the ridges should then brown off. And that is how to tell. It's something to do with the ammonia.

Have you tried Epposis ?
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 19:39, Reply)
I don't like it when they're too ripe
all I can taste is the ammonia, then. And no, I haven't - but I have seen it in the M&S at the end of my road. Pie D'Angloys is nice as well.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 19:40, Reply)
I am roasting a chicken.
I have a beer left, although I think I might go and get more. I've had a black dog day today. Beaker beaker whine whine.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 17:47, Reply)
It's a badly named sentiment really
I own a black dog and fifteen minutes with him will brighten the darkest heart.

Unless you don't like dogs, in which case he'd piss you off in 2.3 seconds.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 17:53, Reply)
I donno that expression, a black dog day, but my book I'm reading there is a black dog the size of a bull...
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:03, Reply)
Tell Uncle Jeff all about it...

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:05, Reply)
Nothing to tell, really.
Just down. It comes and goes.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:35, Reply)
Relieved! Best season ever. Apart from the ones Arsenal won.

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 17:59, Reply)
we managed to make a game of it
Two terrible keepers though.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:03, Reply)
T'was a cracking final day of the Prem wasn't it Bob.

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:06, Reply)
Brilliant jeff. It was like a karate kid movie

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:46, Reply)
Surely it was worth an
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 19:05, Reply)
You need to be talking to somebody who LOVES FOOTBALL!!!!!!
evening, jeffrey.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 19:08, Reply)
Evening b3th.

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 19:14, Reply)
when I went up to the roof earlier
Two people were coming down with a three foot hookah. Missed out there.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:04, Reply)
Yeah', I'd totally do a midget lady-of-the-night too.

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:09, Reply)
I must admit, I was totally expecting that

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:52, Reply)
Made red!

(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:30, Reply)
Red as in myself and CQ, d'you mean?
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:41, Reply)
i have made my wool communist
currently making yellow
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:42, Reply)
I remember making azo dyes in Chemistry in college
Bright orange was excellent. Got it everywhere, too.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 18:54, Reply)
i had to look that one up.
I've spent a few hours over today and yesterday scouring, mordanting and dying. But I really can't be arsed to cook
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 19:02, Reply)
the first six hours of thye day were pretty good.
i seem to have missed the next six though.
let's hope the last few are entertaining.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 19:09, Reply)
it won't be if you're gonna hang around here
wait...I didn't mean you'd make it not fun...I meant there are probably more interesting things to do if you switch off the internet and do something less boring instead
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 19:22, Reply)
too late, cavy. too late.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 19:24, Reply)
*deletes account
kills self*
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 19:37, Reply)
Hello b3th !
How you doing?
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 19:40, Reply)
I'm fine, honey, thanks.
How are you doing today?

I set up an RSS feed last night, which seems to be working. I feel well proud. Did you notice I also made a favicon?
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 19:44, Reply)
I'm doing alright thanks, been proper knackered today, like, fatigued.
Cool, what you doing with the RSS feed?
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 21:22, Reply)
Just at London Bridge waiting for my train home.
The weather's been amazing this weekend.
(, Sun 13 May 2012, 19:51, Reply)

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