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This is a question Panic Buying

It's the last shopping day before the whole country shuts down for christmas. You've been looking all over for something, anything, to buy your favourite person. Something that says you care, that makes them see you in a new light.

Well, something that won't make them punch you would do. My brother-in-law once bought his wife a bin for her birthday - it was a very nice bin, but boy was he in the crud for days.

What have you bought in sheer panic and desperation? Go on, you know you do it every year.

(, Fri 23 Dec 2005, 15:10)
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secret santaaaarse
fortunately this year i managed to remember to do all my shopping well in advance, but we somehow ended up having to go out and do stuff on Christmas Eve. and in 37 degree heat, that ain't too much fun.

however half an hour before heading round to a barbecue on Christmas Day my housemate decided to tell me it was Secret Santa. so i grabbed the first thing i could find which was under $15 in cost, which was the gift i received in the previous week's Secret Santa and didn't really want.

karma obviously kicked in as i chose a present and opened it up to find a pink singlet and a clearly dodgy copy of Snatch. fortunately managed to swap them with a chick for a jar of cookies.
(, Wed 28 Dec 2005, 0:30, closed)

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