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This is a question Mad Stuff You've Done To Get Someone To Sleep With You

Alexxx says "We've all gone a little too far at one time or another to get a girl, or a guy, to sleep with us. I've a friend who spent close to a thousand pounds orchestrating a terrible day for a collegue, so he could comfort her and get in her knickers. Only to find out she had a boyfriend, who proposed in order to cheer her up."

So, how far have you gone?

(, Fri 13 Apr 2007, 9:01)
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Fencing (swords, not boundary separation)
A few years ago I joined a fencing club because I had recently graduated and I thought it would make me sound interesting on the ol' CV. And I wanted to hit people with swords. After a few months I realised that fencing is actually a bit dull and was about to give up when a couple of lovely 18 year old girls started attending. All of a sudden my fencing night was the highlight of my week.

I turned up every week, tried to impress them with my physical prowess by really pushing the envelope in the warm up sessions and fencing as many people as I could in the 2 hours available. I got my first couple of grades; I turned up early to help the instructor set up. He thought I was keen so he started training me up to be a fencing coach, I helped teach the kids and new members, I gave up my weekends to go to fairs & schools to promote fencing and the fencing club, I helped organise club socials, I became a close friend of the instructor and his family...

All because I wanted to boff one of the young ladies. To cut a long story short, I was an integral part of the fencing club for about a year when I finally got together with one of the girls. After that, my interest in the club dropped to zero and I withdrew from the glamorous world of amateur fencing.

On guard!
(, Fri 13 Apr 2007, 10:13, closed)

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