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This is a question Posh

My dad's family are posh - there's at least one knight and an ex-lord mayor of london. My mum's family come from Staines.

How posh are you? Who's the poshest person you've met? Be proud and tell us your poshest moments.

(, Thu 15 Sep 2005, 10:12)
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posh people i've met
Never sure if posh means rich & famous, or just rich. But here are some of the posh famous I've encountered:

-- George Lucas. He is a fucking dwarf.
-- Barry Bonds. We were on the same plane, then I stood behind him and his ginormous bodyguard, on the airport moving sidewalk, about a year before said ginormous bodyguard died during stomach-reduction surgery.
-- At college Uni, I met a Rockerfeller. I didn't know we still had those.

Your English english is so confusing to us simple colonial settlers. I hope these people are posh, or if I am befuddled, that you will forgive us the fog over our land, which I believe was created by a cursed talking monkey, whose magical power is to increase the stupidity of every American by 30 percent.

At least, that's the only explanation I have...
(, Thu 15 Sep 2005, 10:42, closed)

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