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This is a question Posh

My dad's family are posh - there's at least one knight and an ex-lord mayor of london. My mum's family come from Staines.

How posh are you? Who's the poshest person you've met? Be proud and tell us your poshest moments.

(, Thu 15 Sep 2005, 10:12)
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Manor house blues
Not exactly family....but could've been!
I went out with a girl from uni who was a bit eccentric. I went out with her for a couple of weeks until she said "come back to my house and I'll show you my paintings."

"yes" I said.

When we finally arrived in sometinshire (cant remember exactly) we went to a petrol station in a small village. I looked onto the horizon and saw a nice looking house. I said "ooh there's a manor house over there!" And of course she replied "I know, that's where I live."
I thought "ace".
A huge 250 roomed house greeted me, as did various house keepers, and an old woman who who looked like Hyacinth Bucket. (Kirstens mother).
Found out my gfriend was daughter to a Lady, relative to someone royal.
The night was awful because she had coincided my visit with her nob friends coming round. Well of course I got lost in the house after drinking 2 bottles of marks and spencer white. I ended up in one of the many toilets. Being sick.

I had a phone call the next day from the LAdy saying she was upset that I had smashed a vase, vomited on a rug, and scratched a period door by falling into a table.
(, Sat 17 Sep 2005, 10:48, closed)

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