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This is a question Posh

My dad's family are posh - there's at least one knight and an ex-lord mayor of london. My mum's family come from Staines.

How posh are you? Who's the poshest person you've met? Be proud and tell us your poshest moments.

(, Thu 15 Sep 2005, 10:12)
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It's so confusing...
ElNicko - I once got hit on by P Stringfellow. That was categorically NOT posh, in fact I am still suffering the trauma caused by his zebra skin jacket... EYURGH.

I once went out with a Lord's son complete with Stately Home... half of it was open to the public but the half they lived in was way nicer. However proper posh people have NO money - its all tied up in crumbling houses.

I saw it from the other side when I worked as a dinner lady in a v famous boarding school, before I went to university. Yes they were posh, but I used to offer them extra choc ices in return for repeating Marxist slogans - nothing like a cut-glass 15 year old accent saying 'All property is theft'. Little Johnny's parents may well have been paying 16K a year for his education but I thought it was apt that you could buy his principles with some cheap EU milk lake ice cream and sugar.

Me? I'm a bit of everything. But I do love Veuve Cliquot la grande dame (think the 94 was my favourite)... but wine isn't posh! It's just nice... I hate faux wine snobbery, it makes me so angry.

Oh, and Prince William is FIT. Just thought I'd add that too. Much more of a 'would' than Harry.
(, Mon 19 Sep 2005, 14:17, closed)

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