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This is a question When were you last really scared?

We'd been watching the Shining. We were staying in an old church building. In hindsight, taking the shortcut home after midnight, in the mist, through the old graveyard was a bad idea.

I'm not sure what started it, but suddenly all the hairs on my neck had gone up and I was crapping myself. It was almost as bad as when, after a few cups of coffee too many and buzzing on caffeine, I got freaked out by my own reflection in the toilets.

When were you last really scared?

(, Thu 22 Feb 2007, 15:43)
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Bouncing sprog...
It's a lazy Sunday morning, neither of us quite awake yet. Sprog 1 (age 3) has just announce that he's got himself a drink of water. Sprog 2 (age 1) is crawling around the floor.

I notice that sprog 2 is quiet ... as if she has crawled off. Then I hear a noise that, strangely, sounds just like sprog 2 bouncing down the stairs. Odd that, as we religiously keep the stairgate shut. Except, of course that sprog 1 has just gone to get a drink...

Cue 2x parents leaping from bed and running down the stairs after sprog 2. So fast, that I remember thinking that I had best slow down; something told me that being landed on by a falling daddy is not the best treatment for falling down the stairs. Not for a 1-year old, anyway.

At the bottom, she lay there upset but otherwise fine. I swear that they are made of rubber at that age.

But this was not really scary moment. I just thought it was. Worse was to come.

Anyway, she looked alright but we thought we'd better call the surgery to check. We get put through to a nurse at the local hospital. We describe what happened, and she asks a few questions. The upshot is that I think everything is ok and the nurse seems to think so, too. So the call is about to end.

Then she starts asking a few more questions. "What is your full name, please?". "What is your address, please?". "Exactly how did you say she fell?". "Did anyone else see it happen?"

Now I'm nervous. Not scared, just nervous.

"Do you have an assigned social worker?"

OK, now I'm scared. Really scared. So scared, I'll happily come to the hospital and spend all day there waiting for the consultant to drop by and say she's ok. Whatever. Anything to prove I'm not concealing any inuries. Anything.
(, Tue 27 Feb 2007, 12:03, closed)

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