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This is a question Teenage Parties

Ah, the heady days when catering consisted of a crate of lager and some vodka illicitly extracted by whoever looked oldest, decoration consisted of removing any breakable furniture and the morning after was just the morning and not the rest of the week.

Tell us who you snogged, where you threw up and who just would not leave.

(, Thu 13 Apr 2006, 10:20)
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They all sorta blend into one..
For some reason i can remember loads of stuff thats happened at parties, but i couldnt tell ya at which party it occured.

Some of the highlights include:

- an extreme binge on Tia Maria and skunk, resulting in the cruel slaying of my mate Mark's Dad's lovebird, shot down with his own air rifle (my bad..) whilst screams of "result! Got the little fucking winged rat!" filled the air.

- A rather annoying swatty girl called Steph, geeky as fuck, drinking for the first time and realizing that her stomach was havin none of it...suprprisingly, red wine looks EXACTLY the same on the the way back out (and subsequently all over my new fucking shoes) as it does on the way in.

- A lovely stint in my parents bed involving a girl called Sarah, some ice cubes and, erm, me getting a right good Hummer!! (sorry of you're reading this Sarah...It'll wash out eventually, honest! hahahaaaa)

- sitting on my mate's bed in the dark, tripping on Shrooms, listening to "Original Nuttah" by UK Apache, and actually convincing myself that i wrote it...

right..HAVE to go to a party
(, Thu 13 Apr 2006, 13:45, closed)

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