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I know, I was asking it in a rhetorical manner
and if he hadn't put me on ignore, he'd probably come up with some supercilious comeback like "huhuhur, did it take you that long to come up wiv a response 'cos you were bumming your dad?" (actual response).
(, Sun 16 Jul 2006, 23:26, archived)
Someone posted an awesome timeline of Parrotts time here in five stages earlier
can't fucking find it now though
(, Sun 16 Jul 2006, 23:28, archived) ?
(, Sun 16 Jul 2006, 23:30, archived)
seeming as he can't read this, shall I repost it for his benefit?
(, Sun 16 Jul 2006, 23:34, archived)
Nah, don't bother
he'll just deny all of it outright and threaten to get his expensive legal team onto us.
(, Sun 16 Jul 2006, 23:35, archived)
Do so...
Either way "PARROTT SMASH!" kinda makes me think of some kind of brightly coloured brand of mashed potato for some reason...
(, Sun 16 Jul 2006, 23:36, archived)
I thought of a big green moss-from-IT-crowd-lookalike

(, Sun 16 Jul 2006, 23:37, archived)
Ah yes
I have no idea what you mean.
(, Sun 16 Jul 2006, 23:42, archived)
You're not on ignore.
Why do you think you're that important to me?
(, Sun 16 Jul 2006, 23:29, archived)
I was talking about Parrott, you spaz!
(, Sun 16 Jul 2006, 23:30, archived)
I really Lol'd then!
(, Sun 16 Jul 2006, 23:37, archived)
AHA! rumbled!
you just replied to that message as Slippery Jim, not as parrott, you 'tard. now fuck off.
(, Sun 16 Jul 2006, 23:31, archived)