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howard the duck terminator
howard must save sarah connor from the diabolical mechanical nightmare

(, Tue 15 May 2012, 11:04, archived)
Saved By The Hellboy
Zack and the gang get mixed up in some sort of inter-dimensional fracas with monsters. Mr.Belding is nearby for some reason and Screech is his assistant.
(, Tue 15 May 2012, 11:06, archived)
flight of the avatar
can david freeman save the na'vi from destruction?
(, Tue 15 May 2012, 11:10, archived)
saving private benjamin
can captain miller and his squad save judy from an unhappy marriage?
(, Tue 15 May 2012, 11:14, archived)

(, Tue 15 May 2012, 11:17, archived)