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I once saw a lady with 2 vaginas.
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 14:32, archived)
Did they period at the same time
or could she shoot it out of each of them alternately, like the nailgun in Quake?
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 14:35, archived)
She wasn't on her period at the time, but from my knowledge of the menstrual cycle I would assume that they would both fire at the same time.
So I imagine the effect would be more akin to the super shotgun in Quake.
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 14:39, archived)
Was this a work thing or is this on the internet?
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 14:47, archived)
I'm sure that ladies with multiple vaginas are readily available on the internet but I've never felt the need to search for them.
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 14:48, archived)
So they were side-by-side rather than over-and-under?

(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 14:50, archived)
She had the traditional side by side arrangement.

(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 14:54, archived)
i saw a girl with two dicks once
rachelswipe was taking adam and piston broke out for dinner
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 14:47, archived)
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 14:57, archived)
that's nice, dear

(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 14:59, archived)