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Ta, they seem keen on it on the few slav pages I follow but many jokes I don't get

(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 8:49, archived)
yer, I don't get it either
it's all smalec (pig lard) here
(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:05, archived)
I DJed in Transylvania once
We went round this mental dude's gaff and were pretty much forced to drink his family's (revolting) home made spirit, and he gave us pig fat to eat first, to lessen the internal damage of this filthy gutrot.

Not my favourite memory
(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:19, archived)
well yer
you eat it afterwards
(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:21, archived)
I got the impression it was to line your innards with grease to ease the burn

tbh I was rather scared at the time so prolly got the wrong idea
(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:30, archived)
it's not like there's established etiquette for getting fucked up on pig fat and moonshine

(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:37, archived)
Did he advise you to cram a load up your arse as well?
Because "it might hurt on the way out, too"
(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:40, archived)
no, he went in raw

(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 10:01, archived)
Drink zis....iss terrible
Eat ziss...mek not so terrible
(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:28, archived)
He was actually proud of the drink, the fucking idiot

(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:31, archived)
he was probably a dracula m8

(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:42, archived)
woah, that's probably true actually

(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:48, archived)
Like in dat fillum
where the skiing party get taken back to the farmhouse and made to drink the homemade hooch with a giant dessicated toad in it.
(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:33, archived)
Like that's even a real place

(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:34, archived)
I wish it wasn't
I got a tiny plane from Bucharest to Cluj Napoca (lol clunge), they asked if I wanted an aisle or window seat. There was only one seat either side of the aise, the fucking spastics.
(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 10:02, archived)
so which did you choose?

(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 10:03, archived)
I sat up front with the pilot
He shared his ropey spirits with me, very generous people out there
(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 10:06, archived)
They probably meant that you can either sit by the window, or in the aisle

(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 10:06, archived)

(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 10:12, archived)
"Haha, look at this stupid englishman! 200 Lei says I can get him to drink antifreeze and eat bacon rinds."

(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:45, archived)