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Greetings and salutations...
I'm FD. Live in London. I have a webby site, for those of you who wish to have a look.


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» Sacked

Leather goods and bullet proof jackets!
Hello all,
My story goes back to before I moved from South Africa to the UK.
When I was about 19 I managed to get a job in a leather factory that specialised in making gun-holsters and bullet proof jackets. As it was SA, this was a busy business, but I couldn't help thinking I was helping to kill people.
I was tasked with putting together a nice little website for them to peddle their wares, but I wasn't enjoying it at all.

Thoughtfully, the manager had put me in the room with the photocopiers... and printers... but not just any printers! A laser that etches out any shape you want onto any surface you want! How could I not play with it???

Lets just say that I was caught one too many times etching my name and some pictures of "bad things" into pencils and bits of leather.

(Sat 25th Feb 2006, 20:44, More)