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Corrupt Coppers

Lemming Wars

Ferrari slashed Pininfarina's styling budget literally half way through the Enzo, preferring to finish it in house

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30 years ago, prisms where expensive. A cheaper plate of glass was used instead

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Adding a few blended bunnies to your fuel tank gives 73% more torque!

'tis true - some bloke down the pub said.

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All good doomed IT projects...
...start with an appropriate project plan

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(Fri 7th Nov 2003, 22:39, More)

For my few shapes I choose...
The Shreddie
The Start
The sugar grain

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(Sat 1st Nov 2003, 13:24, More)

Budget cutbacks at Valve dissapoint fans

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(Sat 11th Oct 2003, 13:44, More)

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