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Fat, unemployed, single Mum in Northampton with mental health issues.

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Smartass, talented cook, photographer, amateur entomologist, sex nerd, community volunteer and events organiser single-handedly raising a disabled kid.

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» Easiest Job Ever

Text Slut
Many years ago I was fortunate enough to get a job with a company who ran adult SMS services. You know the kind you see in the back of lads mags that say "Text "SEX" to 8**** to chat to horny women". Well I was the woman at the other end. They're all fake, even the ones that say they will connect you with someone local. We just used to use google maps to find out info about their area and then say we were from a nearby town. The job was actually pretty hard at times, we had to deal with loads of different punters at once and keep track of the conversations, plus come up with new and exciting naughty roleplays to keep them texting back. They would pay up to 1.50 for each reply we sent. I think some of the pervs racked up 1000 bills thanks to me and my team (I was a supervisor for a while). We could even send them naughty pictures of the girls they thought they were chatting to. Over the years in that job I pretended to be:

A chick with a dick
A gay man
Several kinds of dominatrix
A slave
An insect
Two girls at once on the threesome line

There's plenty more that I can't remember now. At times the job was absolutely hillarious, and at other times it was disturbing and a bit sad too. Some guys were genuinely nice and just a bit lonely and I felt bad about them being charged so much, just to chat to someone. The complete psycho freaks always made me see the charges as some kind of pervert/stupidy tax though. If you'd like to read a few anonymous transcripts then check out - it's ancient, but there's loads of stuff in the archives to give you a giggle. It's NSFW! There's more in my journal too. Go here and click journal and go back to page 13 and start from there. Sorry I am rubbish at html stuff so can't work out how to link directly to my journal.
(Sat 11th Sep 2010, 10:27, More)

» Lies Your Parents Told You

my dad
once told me when i was about 12 that sex was only enjoyable if you were married. lying git!
(Thu 15th Jan 2004, 18:11, More)

» Housemates from hell

FLUB (fat lazy useless bastard)
this is my first time so be gentle..

i once had a friend called colin, but he's better know in my circle of friends as FLUB or cunt features. he wasnt a best friend by any means, but seemed an ok kind of chap. he was having some trouble at home and needed a place to stay so i offered up my spare room on the condition that he paid rent or was prompt in getting the benefits folk to pay for it. and of course, paid his fair share of bills and food etc. never have i regretted a decision more in my entire life.

here are some of the things i had to put up with in the month that he stayed with me:
- chip papers and take away trays constantly littering the living room and kitchen as he was too lazy to cook for himself (he was about 19 stone too..)
- him taking AGES in the bathroom to get ready to go out etc. but he STILL smelt bad so god knows what he was doing in there.
- he ate all my good food so i sent him up to tescos to do some shopping to replace it. he came back with a jar of whelks, some frozen chips, squeezy mayonaise and a loaf of tesco value white bread. none of which i eat.
- constantly begging me for taxi fare as he was too fat to walk anywhere and thought he was too good for the bus or train even though he was skint. he never got any money out of me though.
- when he finally did get some money through from the benefits people he decided to spend it on taxis and clubbing with his mates and i didnt see a penny.
- used my pc and filled it up with porn dialers and spyware, somehow managed to find my hidden folder of rauncy pics and emailed them to all his friends. i nearly burnt it and bought a new one it was that bad.
- confessed he was in love with me after a week even though i already had a boyfriend and ignored him most of the time. he then proceeded to follow me pretty much everywhere i went, even on nights out with my friends. when confronted about it, he would just come up with some lame excuse that it was a coincidence or he needed to ask me something but my phone was switched off.. well duh, of course it is because the bugger wont stop texting or calling!

it got so bad that i eventually decided to go on holiday to the states for a while to escape him and told my friends that i wanted him gone by the time i got back, which he was, as they can be quite persuasive chaps. not seen nor heard from him since thank god.
(Thu 12th Apr 2007, 15:01, More)