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Hola! Will put something informative in here eventually. Although it's been a year 2 years and I still haven't. Hmmmmmmmm.

Edit: Seeing as you asked so nicely - m/26/London/teecher. Satisfied?

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» Best Graffiti Ever

Anyone Discovering a Fire Should....
...make some toast!

An addition to a fire notice in the Maths classroom at my old school. Made me laugh...
(Sun 6th May 2007, 13:53, More)

» Worst Nicknames Ever

...after the Swedish tennis legend, due to a passing resemblence, if you squinted a bit, five years ago, and a famous night out involving a lesbian (because clearly all Swedes are studs / pornstars!).

Much better than the rest of my football team, whose nicknames were selected by a keen ProEvo player, who inputted the team into his copy of the game and then had to select similar sounding names for the commentary. Hence, my mate Russell is now known as Rozu (apparently the name of some obscure footballer).

Length? Girth? No apologies!
(Thu 18th May 2006, 17:13, More)

» The most cash I've ever carried

charity begins at home...
I used to be the treasurer for my old university RAG appeal. You've not seen 'a lot of money' until you've had over ten grand in small change (we're talking 1p's and 2p's here) on your bedroom floor - I had to count and bag that sh*t. And then carry it in buckets to NatWest. Often in fancy dress. I've heard of people performing this operation dressed as bank robbers - causes a lot of hilarity / funny looks.

Funnily enough, nobody ever seems to consider mugging you when you've got a very visible bucket of money. Weird huh?

/Apologies for girth.
(Thu 22nd Jun 2006, 22:35, More)