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Fun at the farm
When my sister was at the age to take that big step from primary school to secondary school, she pestered my parents into letting her have a party for all her and her school leaving chums. To be fair though we did live on a farm, so it was usually a good place to have a party.

So the party’s in full swing and kids seem to be having fun, some are playing with the horses, some are on the bouncy castle and some are playing party games (the usual…. Hide and seek, football, hide the sausage…. They were from Chessington!), and it was up to me, my older brother and my mum to look after the future drug addicts and teenage mothers.

Later in the day we noticed that one of the little shites had wondered off. He was the quiet one of the group, he didn’t really seem part of the group and we were worried that he had gone alone in the woods (a horrible place that I have a few more stories about). So we decided that my older brother would look in the woods, I would walk down the main road outside the farm, and my mum would stay with the mini-asbos.

Luckily as we were about to start the search we noticed the kid at the bottom of one of the fields, just standing there and staring into the distance. We all walked down to him to check that he was ok.

‘Are you alright mate, what you doing down here on your own?? Are you getting bullied by someone?’ My brother asks him

‘No I’m not getting bullied, I just came down here to watch the sunset’ the kid replies.

‘Oh that’s ok then, was it a nice sunset?’

‘I dunno’ the kid says disappointed

‘The sun was in my eyes’.

As I said, they were from Chessington.

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