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Megadrive Joypad, Digital Camera and phonline...
Many moons ago, my brother and I temporarily loaned our megadrive joypad to a "friend". He returns the joypad, all's good. Turns out however, the shit gave us his totally crummy, worn out joypad back. Utterly raging, we protest and tell him to give us our damn joypad back.

He of course wouldn't, so bollocks it I thought, I'd try and fix it. The contacts on the inside of the joypad were just worn out, I managed to fix them using masking tape and thin slivers of tin foil! Hurrah! The thing was as good as new :) He's still a total cock, I bear grudges :P

Another time many years later, I tried fixing a digital camera in the middle of our office. It was fairly quiet, people knew what I was doing. I'd forgotten about the nice big capacitor that powered the flash on the inside, and how it probably still retained some charge. I of course electrocute myself and scream at the shock. I got a few odd looks...weirdo :P I gave up on the camera, didn't want any more shocks.

Other dumb things I've done include removing the wire from a telephone cable with my teeth and electrocuting my tongue! It's not a huge amount of current, but I think (and I could be making this up) it made my vision go white and my tongue sort of spasm.

Basically I started off good at fixing things and then just kept shocking myself.
(Mon 24th Aug 2009, 14:04, More)