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» The Onosecond

Ah the delights of mobile phones...
About a year ago I came down with this weird problem whereby my hands would swell up and I'd get weird blemishes all over me. Stupid cunting doctors never figured it out but had a good laugh trying.

So anyway, after visiting said doctor one evening I awaited the bus home. On the bus I decided to text (now ex) girlfriend to let her know that it was probably nothing serious. I of course assumed that she already knew what I was on about so my hasty message read something like:

'Hi just been to docs, apparently the swelling's viral, got some pills talk later xx'

Message sent.

Wait... did I just send that to... ROB?! Why the fuck did the stupid phone send my message about some viral swelling to my mate?! (My fault, but its great blaming technology)

Cue reply of:


Ah... we did laugh about it when I fully explained to him what had happened.

Apologies for (lack of) length, its hereditary.
(Sat 28th May 2005, 12:54, More)

» Local Nutters

Long time hovering, little posting - I'm just a bit of a cunt really.

Anyway, to the question.

Living in Aberystwyth (where the local "special" hospital is called Abermad) we're over run with mooshbrains.

Recently a friend had his windows smashed in by an insane heroin junkie and was forced to live in a "cage" to stop his flat and children being battered to death. He appeared in the local newspaper too, the story made him sound like a monkey man (most exciting thing that's happened for ages...). This loony woman is a walking pill-pot and has had numerous court cases drawn up against her (the most recent was yesterday).

Another local yokel wears shorts all through the year (in the winter, yes) and we're talking Gary Lineker football shorts here too. The site is most disturbing. Lets not forget how he goes round shouting at people and being generally abusive. He talks to himself too. Bit of a twunt.

No apologies for length/interestingness because as I stated I'm a bit of a cunt.
(Fri 17th Sep 2004, 22:15, More)