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» The Boss

My boss smells great
My boss is Hugo Boss.
(Thu 18th Jun 2009, 20:07, More)

» The Boss

We went through a lot of management in my days at argos
And i'm sure i saw more managers than customers.

The one who gave me the job had left before i'd started. Then a new power mad wanker came in. He got slagged off all the time and spent a year trying to get the stock manager fired. Eventually he managed to lull him into a forced resignation and half the staff left because of it.

A new stock manager arrives and we all get on for about 5 mins. He's fresh out of management school and begins to tidy and rearrange the stockroom even though everyone else knew where stuff was casuing chaos and lost stock in the next few weeks. He also set up a "stockroom communication zone" (what?) with task sheets and little tickboxes when we've done it and other figures and numbers we didn't care about. He mysteriously disappered one day after pulling off an elaborate scam involving 40 playstation 3s. He was always a tit anyway. 2 new potential mangers passed through and lasted a week between them before leaving due to 'stress'.

During all that time a new store manager had appeared and started putting up STAFF NOTICES WHICH NOONE CARED ABOUT AND ALL IN CAPS LOCK. He was pretty cool apart from that (because he got us a vending machine mainly) and a team leader became the stock manager. The store was running fine until they took roles at bigger stores.

Finally the scary team leader who had wanted to be store manager since i started finally got the job after 2 years. That was the worst week of my life. Thank god my notice was already in an i was off to uni. My recent return 2 years later and the store's gone to the dogs and all the staff now are slack jawed 17 year olds who don't know a thing about anything.
(Thu 18th Jun 2009, 14:28, More)

» That's me on TV!

I was in the audience for Al Murray's Happy Hour
The one where 2 birds from loose women and a newsreader were guests.
There are no fewer than 3 close up shots of me.

I am also going to be lurking in the background of deal or no deal on friday.

Length? I may eventually total 15 minutes of fame.
(Tue 16th Jun 2009, 15:49, More)