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Hello, I am Kris. I have no talents whatsoever when it comes to any kind of photo manipulation, or drawing abilities. I hope that I can make funny things with MSPaint and GIMP.

I play the ukulele, and tend to mention this far too much than is necessary

I'm now mainly here to mooch around the links board until I get a new PC which isn't powered by hamsters in running wheels, when I will again try my hand at images once more. Until then, I will be constantly pestering you to listen to my bizarre songs at 52songs52weeks

I used to blog about food.

I tend to swear a lot.

I wish I looked like this

I like cake! So does my mate Phil

I enjoy punk rock music, and playing ukulele. I also like mocking tragedies.

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Don't eat a big takeaway
The night before a big chance to do something with your food, which causes you to be very nervous


I just learnt this
(Fri 21st May 2010, 22:35, More)