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# Indeed.
I'm trying to see through the eye of the beholders who find it funny. Analysing humour is always fatal, but I feel that there's something I'm missing here and I really want to know what it is.
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:29, archived)
# I fear your quest for enlightenment will not end well.
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:31, archived)
# Ach, it never usually does.
I've done plenty of faceswaps myself, I'm not trying to come across all holier-than-thou here. It's just that I think of them as a means to an end: for me a faceswap is a way of telling a joke, and not an actual joke in and of itself.
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:37, archived)
# i post crap fish.
i don't allow myself delusions of grandeur.
at least, not with my "art".
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:40, archived)
# Don't say all of this to the wrong people
Some of them are armed.

(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:36, archived)
# See, now this amuses me, and I can't explain why.
Which makes it difficult for me to expect anyone else to explain why they find faceswaps funny.
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:38, archived)
# It's because I'm an unappreciated genius
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:41, archived)
# i appreciate you
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:42, archived)
# Thank you :)
I appreciate pandering

(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:45, archived)
# this leaves my sex glands in a cold fugue
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:48, archived)
# This might warm them up a bit

(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:51, archived)
# he's got less floppy bits than i have
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 22:06, archived)
# That's Kirsten Dunst!
She's not meant to have floppy bits.
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 22:11, archived)
# nor am i
but i have
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 22:13, archived)
# I bet your beard isn't as natty as hers though
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 22:26, archived)
# not quite
but i could do with some nair
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 22:39, archived)
# I know not of this "nair" of which you speak
One assumes it is related to Veet. I think it would take more than Veet to clear Kirsten's beard.
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 22:43, archived)
# *puts a tenner on "almost"*
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 22:39, archived)
# Haha
A man who likes to live dangerously.
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 22:44, archived)
# personally, I don`t want you to "get" it
I rather enjoy watching you moaning about it all time :D
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:42, archived)
# heh, and there I was trying to pose it as a discussion point rather than a generic moan.
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:44, archived)
# Come on,
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:43, archived)
# If you have to ask
You'll never know
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:44, archived)
# Too much like trying to look through the eyes of a serial killer.
You'll be staring at famous pictures and thinking about where Flan's face would be best placed before the week is out.
Let it go, Indiana.
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:41, archived)
# we called the dog indiana
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:50, archived)
# Monkey brains!
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:53, archived)
# tasty shit, man
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 22:07, archived)
# a faceswap tends to walk a very fine line
between funny and simply a technical achievement

If it makes you laugh you're quids in, if it makes you go "well done, good use of photoshop/after effects/whatever tool you followed a tutorial for" then it probably shouldn't be posted here, but on a photoshop/after effects/whatever forum instead.

Same applies to furry/photo/straight artwork posts (in my utterly pointless opinion)
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:43, archived)
# Well, yeah.
I guess the other point is: faceswaps are staggeringly easy to do. Cut out one person's face, paste it onto another person's head, blend the edges. You've got a convincing faceswap in about 30 seconds.
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:47, archived)
# Fuck it, if you can't beat them...
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:49, archived)
# That is such a terrible idea
We'd get about 5,000 entries as everyone rushes to repost their reams of shops of someone's face on someone else's face, and then I wouldn't win. Much like every week except for the face on face business. Even though I came up with gems like this:

Life is hard.
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:53, archived)
# I'd vote for this.
But then, I like birds. That's probably why I like these a lot more than human-to-human faceswaps.
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:56, archived)
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 21:58, archived)
# Ahaha
I watched the Extras with him in it yesterday.
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 22:02, archived)
# A friend of mine once suggested I sell them as postcards
Alas, since I've stolen every photo without credit, I suspect this wouldn't be entirely legal. Still, I enjoy them.

(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 22:01, archived)
# They all look so old, they're probably well out of copyright.
They'd also be good as greeting cards.
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 22:07, archived)
# Nah
The soliders are well out of copyright - I think the newest is from 1905 or so (except the shot from "The Wind that Shook the Barley") - but the birds are all recent shots taken down from Flickr, and I've never even tracked what licenses they're under. I doubt they're under the "Photoshop and sell!" license, though...

On the other hand, if I see any other cunt selling these I am going to get the law on them SO HARD. Maybe I should start watermarking stuff.
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 22:10, archived)