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# ace!
I planted nasturtiums around my tomatoes and beans, and the aphids went crazy for them rather than eating my food my garden is so full of ladybirds there's barely any aphids left on the nasturtiums for them to eat
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 9:26, archived)
# ^ Science
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 9:30, archived)
# natural predators > pesticides
now if only I could find a hedgehog from somewhere that likes slugs and snails
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 9:31, archived)
# Make a beer trap.
Marg tub three quarters filled with beer buried in the soil. Works a treat or just go out at night with a torch and get the bastards.
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 9:36, archived)
# beer traps slowed them down, and I definitely killed a few when I went out with a headtorch
but they still finished off my first crop of peas and beans, the little buggers

eventually I caved and bought organic enviro-friendly slug pellets from the garden shop, which stopped them dead
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 9:54, archived)
# Ah but how you finish them off is
put a little kebab house with a one way door next to it. THey have the beer then think they could murder a kebab and end up trapped.
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 10:24, archived)
# The good thing with lady birds is they won't go anywhere if they don't have to.
So I got about five and put them on my windowbox chillis and courgettes and they cleared them off and pupated. WHen they harched they layed the next batch and they just hatched, took about a week.
They're ferocious killers.
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 9:35, archived)
# I want Lady Boys!

Boys Birds
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 9:42, archived)
# It is amazing watching them
in my last garden the ants had taken to farming the aphids for their sticky sweet liquid, so they were constantly protecting them like shepherds, while the ladybird larvae hung out around the edges of the plant waiting for their chance, like wolves
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 9:56, archived)
# I had to remove some weeds
in my other house. They were infested with aphids. As soon as I got near I was attacked and bitten quite badly by an army of ants. It's fascinating how those little chaps work.
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 10:04, archived)
# I hadn't realised those Lady Birds were such bad mother fuckers.
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 9:58, archived)
# google image the larva.
evil looking bastards.
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 10:16, archived)